Best Budget Backpacking Tents‘Backpacking tents’ is an uncommon buying topic among online customers. But if you are a person who loves to travel, then it will be an interesting topic. Today, I’m going to talk about “The Best Budget Backpacking Tents”.

These days we can see many numbers of backpacking tents in different styles and technologies. And also they are coming from the numbers of brand names. Some are familiar and some are not. Some are old and some are new. Perhaps, finding a good and affordable backpacking tent among them will be a very difficult thing for you. Sometimes you will need help with it. So I would like to help you to.

This article is written for just anyone who is looking for a backpacking tent. I especially considered their price, design, size, and usage for this article. But I must say you that I have talked about only 2-person tents here.  Ok! Let’s go ahead.

Best Budget Backpacking Tents in 2022

PreviewItem NameDetails 
Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Backpacking TentMountainsmith Morrison 2
  • Capacity : 2 adults
  • Floor Area : 35ft²
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2ALPS Mountaineering Lynx
  • Capacity : 1 adults
  • Floor Area : 21ft²
Coleman Sundome 2 Person Backpacking TentColeman Sundome 2
  • Capacity : 2 adults
  • Floor Area : 63ft²
Kelty Salida 2 Person TentKelty Salida 2
  • Capacity : 2 adults
  • Floor Area : 30ft²

1. Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Tent

Mountainsmith Morrison 2 is one of the best tents as my personal opinion. More interior space, high-quality finish, and affordable prices are the more attractive features that it has. Let’s talk about it further.

The Mountainsmith Morrison 2 is a “2- person” and “3- season” tent which can use for spring, summer, and autumn. Even in the middle of the heavy rainfall, it can use it without a doubt. The polyester tent is completely waterproof and I can assure you for it.


  • Two person and three season tent
  • Two vestibule layout
  • Tent fly ventilation windows
  • Detachable celling loft pocket
  • Bathtub floor
  • No-see-u mesh wall panel
  • 4lbs 11oz weight without footprint
Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Backpacking Tent
Product information :
Dimensions : 43 x 92 x 56 inches
Weight : 5.53 pounds
Model number : 11-2010-12

The high-quality aluminum two poles resist for rust. There aren’t any loops inside the tent and the plastic hooks can you see instead of them.

And also I want to tell you that it is super easy to assemble. If you are an expert on camping, you will have to spend only 6 or 7 minutes for popping up and folding the tent.

Furthermore, the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 has 2 vestibules on opposite sides. Then you won’t disturb other people while you are going in and out to the tent.

And the bathtub floor is hanged to the tent wall over a few inches from the ground. Then the overflowing groundwater never can come inside. We can see storage pockets on every side of the tent and there is an overhead net pocket that can use for a light source.

But the super cool feature of this tent is the rainfly of the windows. Then you can keep inside dry even in the rain.


  • Durable materials
  • Fully waterproof cover
  • Free standing tent
  • Rainfly windows
  • More storage pockets


  • Footprint is not provided with tent

2. Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Tent

Alps Mountaineering Lynx 2 Tent is a rectangular shaped dome. It is a ‘2 -capacity’ and ‘3- season’ tent.

It is a free-standing tent and has 2 aluminum poles to hold up it. The tent walls are made of polyester and they are specified to resist UV damages and water. Half of the wall on each side can take up to allow more ventilation into the tent.

Since the factory sealed fly and floor, the tent has got the extra weatherproof ability. There are 2 doors in the opposite direction for easy entering and leaving and also have 2 vestibules.


  • 2 person 3 season tent
  • 2 door and 2 vestibules
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Base size: 5′ x 7’6
  • Vestibule depth: 32″
  • Center height: 46″
  • Tent area: 37 ft²
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2
Product information :
Dimensions : 60 x 90 x 46 inches
Weight : 5.9 pounds
Model number : 5224617


  • Freestanding
  • Easy assembly
  • Best weather protection


  • Footprint not provided with the tent

3. Coleman Sundome 2 Person Backpacking Tent

My next choice is Coleman Sundome 2 person Backpacking tent. This is very easy to compact and set up than others. It is a little bit heavier than other tents. But I’m sure that it will be a good travel companion for you.

The Coleman Sundome 2 is made by water-resistant fabrics and its bathtub floor helps to keep the floor dry always. Thanks to its weather Tec system, it gets good ventilation into the tent. Though it has only one door, the ground vent and two windows help to keep inside cool and comfortable.


  • 2 person 3 season tent
  • Two windows and one door
  • Strong frame is tested to withstand 35+ MPH winds
  • Tub floor with patented corner welds
  • Interior storage pockets
  • Included rainfly for extra weather protection
  • Snag-free, continuous pole sleeves for easy setup
Coleman Sundome 2 Person Backpacking Tent
Product information :
Weight : 7.18 pounds

Moreover, I would like to say that it has more interior floor space and storage pockets. Then 2 adult persons can sleep well without any disturbances. At last, I think it is affordable for anyone.


  • Strong and durable
  • Easy setup
  • More ventilation good view
  • More interior space


  • Only one door

4. Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent

Kelty Salida is another 2 person backpacking tent that can use for 3 seasons. Though it is a 3 season tent, then it would provide you good shelter for unexpected cold weather or snowfall.

Kelty Salida 2 is freestanding and can set it up quickly. It has 2 aluminum poles and they can fold. Furthermore, fly and walls are made of polyester and the floor is made of nylon. Therefore the is fully waterproof.


  • 2- Person and 3- season tent
  • One D shaped door and one vestibule
  • Minimum weight – 3 lb. 14 oz.
  • Packaged weight – 4 lb. 9 oz.
  • Floor area  –  30.5 square feet
  • Vestibule area –  10 ft2 square feet
  • Packed size – 13 x 15 in.
Kelty Salida 2 Person Tent
Product information :
Dimensions : 88 x 43 x 55 inches
Weight : 4.57 pounds
Model number : 40812215

This tent has only one D shaped door. And also it has one vestibule. But it can provide always plenty of ventilation because of the number of ultra-fine mesh.


  • Easy set up
  • Free standing
  • Compact folding poles


  • One door and one vestibule

Buying Guides for Best Backpacking Tents

I have listed these buying guides by using their common features. And also I like to say that this is only my personal opinion. Then I believe that it would be helpful to you when buying a backpacking tent.

Best Budget Backpacking Tents Guide

Price: When we are buying a backpacking tent, the important fact that we consider straightly is price. But before, you should keep in mind that, what, where, when, and how do you expect to use it. Then after, you can consider any tent-brands in your price range.

Weight: We talked about just backpacking tents. If it is a backpacking tent, definitely it would be lightweight. Most of the tents are not included footprint. Then we have to buy it separately. Eventually, full-weight is increased. Therefore we must care about the full weight of the tent. Lightweight brings you happy while the journey.

Size when packed: The backpacking tent always should be a nice-compact size when it packed. Therefore be careful about its packed size when choosing a tent. Some tents have folding poles. It will be an extra chance when it packed.

Interior Space: If you can think that the interior space is sufficient to only sleep. But we cannot keep our stuff outside of the tent. Then the tent has to big enough for all of them. Having pockets on the wall gets extra space inside the tent. And also having crossbars on the tent supplies more headroom space.

Season Rating: Most of the Backpacking Tents are made for 3 seasons. There are Spring, summer, and fall. They are not suitable for winter conditions. But we will have to face unexpected weather changes. Then our tent should be strong and stable for facing to the heavy rainfall, small snowfall, wind, etc.

Water resistance: This is the most important fact that we are considering well before buying a tent. Water resistance depends on the wall constructions of the tent. most of the tent’s walls are made of polyester. It is a good waterproof fabric. Some tents have a double-wall. they are a mesh tent body and rainfly. Sometimes, the inner mesh wall can be vulnerable in the middle of the wet and cold weather. Then the rainfly will need you.

Ventilation: This is more important in a 2 or more person tent. There should be at least 2 windows for entering fresh air inside the tent.

Design: The tent design should be comfortable to the user. As an example, having two doors is an important fact for the tent. Then you needn’t disturb other people when you entering and leaving the tent.

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