Best Electric Travel ShaversYou, Me and Everyone love traveling. Some are forced to travel for business and others are doing so for their own pleasure. Everyone worries about their appearance.  If you do not have a good shave your appearance will look bad. So, we come with Best Electric Travel Shavers in 2023.

Let’s have a look at What is Electric travel shaver? An electric travel shaver is a machine that can shave your beard anywhere you need. It is capable of removing unwanted hair from the face while traveling outdoors. Electric travel shavers are portable, easy to use and practical. It is slightly light, works automatically with any voltage and charges automatically.

When you are on a business trip or private trip. You should have a good shave to look for you attractive. If you don’t have a good shave. It can have a negative impact on your personal and professional life. The best portable shaver helps to avoid the untidy looks. So, it is important to have the best travel shavers with you.

This guide is to help you to know what to look for, and a list of the best Electric travel shavers to choose from.

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Best Electric Shaver Overall
thumb 1
Philips Norelco PQ208/40
Up to 60 minutes cordless shave
Best Shaver For Value
thumb 2
Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver
Motor speed 8,500 rpm
Best Close Comfortable Shaving
thumb 3
BRAUN M60B Shaver
Easy cleaning under running water
Best Comfortable Shaver
thumb 3
APOSEN Electric Travel Shaver
Close, quick, comfortable shave
Best Unique Shaver
thumb 3
Bienna Electric Shaver
Speedy motor of high rotation speed

1. Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor

Philips Norelco PQ208 40The Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Razor is lightweight and perfect for travelers.  It is easy to use and the price is very affordable.  This electric travel shaver delivers a great shaving each and every time. It is compact and comes with a rounded base. Made with a durable black plastic casing.  It comes with 2 AA batteries which provide 60 minutes of cordless shaving. This one of the best portable shavers all the time.

Philips Travel electric razor features floating heads. Those heads glide across the face comfortably. Blades of this small size shaver are self-sharpening. It ensures that you’ll get a close comfortable shave. This Travel electric razor features the on/off button on the front. The package includes a protective cap, two batteries, and a cleaning brush.

Special Features

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Blade Type: Rotary
  • Comes with 2 AA batteries

2. Braun vM90 Mobile Electric Shaver

M90 Mobile Electric ShaverTravelers are delighted to have a Braun M90 in their travel bag. Braun vM90 is a mini shaver shaped like a smartphone but a bit smaller. It features a swivel cap that automatically locks to prevent accidentally engaging the shaver.

This Travel electric razor is small and compact. It is a battery-powered mobile shaver that leads you to shave anywhere. It comes with a sleek, compact design for easy portability.

Braun vM90 is fully washable. This feature of the electric travel shaver saves time and keeps shaver clean. It features a Wide Floating Foil which closes comfortable shaving. This Travel electric razor comes with a Precision trimmer. It is operated by AA batteries that can use for two to three weeks.

Special Features

  • Wide Floating Foil
  • Features swivel cap
  • Hair trimmer for beards and mustaches

3. Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver, ES3831K

Panasonic Electric Travel ShaverPanasonic Electric Travel Shaver is a mini shaver shaped like a smartphone but quite larger. It provides you a good shave as you wish to get from the best portable shaver. You can use this mini shaver in the shower or for gel and wet shaves anywhere you choose. Blades are suitable for all skin types and hypoallergenic. It is powerful enough to give you a decent and comfortable shave. Features fully washable label on this best portable shaver.

Powered by two AA batteries which can be replaced. Normal run time is 60 minutes suits for 2-3 weeks. Strong motor and precision blades are features in this mini shaver. A cleaning brush is included.

Special Features

  • Motor speed 8,500 rpm
  • Inner blade angle is 78 degree
  • Fully washable

4. Remington TF70CDN Battery-Operated Foil Travel Shaver

Remington TF70CDN Travel ShaverRemington TF70CDN Travel Shaver is one of the best Electric travel shavers in 2020. Useable battery-operated shaver for you. Surgical blades give you a very smooth and perfect shave in less time. Two durable foils of this small size shaver give you a smooth shave. Remington TF70CDN has a protective cap on the foil to enhance safety.

Featuring dual-foil technology for maximum skin contact and a comfortable shave. It is powered by two AA batteries. You can use up to 40 minutes. It has Travel Lock that ensures the shaver won’t turn on while stored away for travel. The package included two AA batteries, a travel lock, a built-in cleaning brush, and an integrated head cap.

Special Features

  • Built-in cleaning brush
  • Battery-Operated
  • Travel Lock
  • An Integrated head cap

5. Bienna USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver Trimmer Condo

Bienna Cordless Men ShaverBienna Travel electric razor is not a simple one, but an innovative shaver. The Unique design made it the best portable shaver. It is handy and lightweight to carry in your pocket. The package includes a user manual, cleaning brush and a travel pouch. It comes at a very affordable price. Delivers a decent shave for you. The blades of travel shaver create low friction.

The Bienna is charged via a USB port. So, you can be charged with your laptop too. The travel pouch off this best portable shaver is very convenient for people. This travel shaver comes with a Removable Head. So, you can easily clean in the water. The package included a Shave cleaner brush, a traveling pouch, English User Manual.

Special Features

  • Removable Head
  • Low-friction blade
  • Very affordable

6. Braun M60b Mobile Electric Shaver

M60b Mobile Electric ShaverBraun M60b is one of the best Electric travel shavers on the market. You can shave your face anywhere and everywhere with this mini shaver. It has great battery life. Powered by AA batteries not having a rechargeable battery. The runtime of the battery is 60 minutes. This best Electric travel shaver is easy to move from place to place. It can be cleaned easily by placing it underneath running water.

Braun M60b is very comfortable to use. It has wide floating foil for a comfortable shave. The Twist cap which protects the foil when not in use. The foil pattern of the best portable shaver shaves hairs in any directions. This mini shaver can be bought for an affordable price.

Special Features

  • Easy to wash
  • Twist cap
  • Smart and Wide Floating Foil

7. APOSEN Electric Razor for Men Wet & Dry Waterproof

APOSEN Electric Razor for MenAPOSEN electric travel shaver has a simple and unique design. This is one of the best portable shavers in 2023. It is perfect for both men and women. Featuring 2 in 1 Multifunction with shaving and waste hair treatment. Perfect for both dry and wet shaving. But dry shaving is perfect. It is durable and ergonomic.

The running time of this best Electric travel shaver is 120 minutes. USB charging option is available here. It takes only 1.5 hours to fully charged. Mostly suitable for travel and business trip. It is lightweight and design to easily take off. This is one of the best Electric travel shaver perfects for anybody.

Special Features

  • 2 in 1 Multifunction
  • USB Charging
  • Durable and Ergonomic
  • 120 Running time

Buying Guide – Things To Keep In Mind

The market is full of the best portable shavers. You can do your work from any of them. But some travel shavers have effective features than other ones. So before purchasing the best Electric travel shaver for you, there are some factors to consider.

Size and Weight

Travel shavers available in all shapes and sizes. The weight is an important factor when carrying it. So, it is good to select a lightweight one.

Battery Power

It is perfect to choose a battery-powered one. The running time of the shaver should be considered. It is perfect to select a travel shaver with a good running time.

Self-Sharpening Blades

Most experts recommended choosing a shaver with self-sharpening blades. The self-sharpening blades are perfect for both travelers and businessmen.

Motor Strength

Motor strength of the shaver should be considered when selecting one. The motor needs to be very strong and durable. There is a good chance to tug and pull on your hair when the motor is weak.

All of them have plenty of options out there when purchasing travel shaver. It is in your best interest to buy the best Electric travel shaver for you.


This article provides you a list of best travel shavers in the market now. You can easily choose the best one for you through reading this article. These shavers are simple and easy to use. Most of them are long-lasting. You can have a comfortable shave anywhere just in few seconds.

Easy to use and fully washable small size shavers are available in the market. You can purchase those for an affordable price. So, most of the electric travel shavers are waterproof. Even you can use in a bath too. They come with simple and unique designs.

Some packages include travel bag, built-in brush, so it is important to check whether those are available for the selected one. Most of the electric shavers are durable and long-lasting. It is in your best interest to use this information to buy a best Electric travel shaver for you.

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