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Do you think this is easy? No, choosing the best gaming mouse as you want is not easy. There are so many brands out there waiting for you. You are a gamer so you want to buy a gaming mouse, not a typical mouse.  When we are choosing the mouse we have to look for so many features. So today, I will guide you, how to choose the best gaming mouse as you want with features you love to have it.

Identify basically what kind of mouse you want

As a pc game player, what kind of games do you play most or do you prefer FPS, RTS or RPG games? This is a very important question because we are going to identify, how many buttons you need to be on your new gaming mouse.

If you are a first-person-shooter (FPS) player, then you have to think about less count of buttons (under 9 buttons) and also you have to look for DPI very seriously. If you prefer role-playing-games (RPG) or real-time strategy (RTS) games then the choice is easy not so hard. Just look for the mouse with a large number of buttons and a DPI that suits for you.

For example, the Logitech G502 and Razer DeathAdder Elite are good mice for FPS games. There are no so many buttons. So that prevents unwanted clicks by accidentally when you playing. And they also have a button to change your desire DPI when you are playing.

If you are an RPG or RTS game player, then looks for lots of programmable buttons. Because when you playing strategy games, they have many options, features you have to access fast as you can. So if you have lots of buttons with your mouse. That will be very useful, as the example Razer Naga best for the MMO games and Logitech G500 best for RTS games.

Whether it is Laser, Optical or Infrared Mouse

Wired MouseThe sensor is the heart of the mouse. Which is basically commencing with 3 types – Laser, Optical and Infrared? And of course, there are other types of sensors. But they don’t use in these days. Mostly we use in these days above three types of sensors for gaming mice.

The laser sensor is the most common sensor nowadays, Because of that it is capable of working on many surfaces, and this is an advantage of having a laser sensor mouse, but also it has higher lift-off distance than optical mice. This is the disadvantage of having a laser sensor gaming mouse.

If you want to lift the mouse reposition you have to lift it up to a centimeter in the air otherwise, the sensor catches the movement and you will get unwanted movement on the game. So that’s why many professional gamers choose an optical mouse over laser sensor mouse.

The latest development of infrared sensors comes with an answer for lift-off issue on a laser mouse. Infrared sensors work with many surfaces like laser mouse and also which has a low distance of lift-off. So I can say, you better looking for infrared sensors in the future.

What is DPI means? … Is it important for the gaming mouse?

Dots per Inch (DPI), it is a simplistic way of measuring the sensitivity of the sensor. And this is very important to know. That’s why every gaming mouse declares the DPI on the packing or on the manual of mouse. 

If you choose higher DPI sensor mouse, you can move the cursor in range of wide-scale with less physical distance with the mouse. But you must have a steady hand and very precise to make accurate cursor movements. In this case, if you are using very high-resolution monitors. You better choose high DPI mouse.

Most of the gaming mice offer a dedicated button for change the DPI settings while you playing. That is a very useful feature you must look for. If you are an FPS game player, think you are playing “Call of duty black OPS 3” with the sniper, suddenly you got a chance to shoot to an enemy.

Just think that the enemy doesn’t show fast movement so what if you can get a headshot? Yes in that situation you can use that DPI button to go high DPI level and get a steady and accurate headshot.

If you interest to very high-level DPI mice, the famous Razer has introduced around 6400DPI mice, also other brands provide around 5000DPI premium mice for advanced PC gaming. 

Wired or wireless

Wireless mice will give you freedom with wires on the desk, but their connectivity build on radio wave signal so you may get the element of delay (lag) to the cursor response,  but don’t worry modern high-quality gaming mice are almost lag-free, as an example, we can get Logitec G7. it is a totally lag-free mouse. But if you really want to buy faster response mouse then you better stick with a corded mouse.

Wireless mice, powered by batteries inside the mouse, so these batteries come as a rechargeable or replaceable. There for that kind of mouse comes with added weight so if you are looking for a really light mouse, this won’t be your choice. And also you have to recharge or replace to powered them when the batteries dead.  It is also a disadvantage of this wireless mouse face often.

But you can find Logitech G700 and Razer Mamba, they can work both ways, that’s mean you can use that mouse like a wireless or wired mouse. Those mice come with a detachable USB cable so no need to wait until getting charger your mouse, you can use USB cable to plug it into PC and play like a wired mouse.

Also recently Logitech has introduced “Logitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System” that means your wireless mouse can recharge while you are playing, for that you have to use PowerPlay mouse pad and Powerplay support wireless mouse. Other gaming brands also has introduce that technology.

Wireless Charging Mouse PadLogitech G Powerplay Wireless Charging System – For Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mice

Continuously charges wireless gaming mice while in Gaming use, Integrated light speed wireless receiver, Choice of two surfaces – soft or hard gaming mouse pads. It works with Logitech G703 and G903 gaming mice

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Left or Right-Handed

Because of ergonomically designed gaming mice are mostly targeted right-handed gamers only. Therefore left-handed players got limited choices, but don’t worry, you have few ambidextrous design mice to use left and right-handed players.

If you are a right-handed person. You have a huge range of mice so I like to talk about a few mice can use for a left-handed person. My first recommendation is the Razer DeathAdder. This mouse available in both left and right-handed versions, and also it has 5 programmable buttons and up to 1800DPI.

So this is a really good mouse for the left-handed person who likes to play with Razer. My other recommendation is the Logitech G903 wireless mouse. It has the ambidextrous design so both left and right handed person can use that mouse too.

Fancy lighting on mice

Fancy lighting on the mice is a must-have factor nowadays, but it’s not challenging to performance of the mouse. But multicolor LED will get the fancy look to the mouse.

Most of the gaming mice manufacture offer color changing option with the software. So that means gaming manufactures also think about that fancy look if it is not a reason to performance of the mouse. 


After this all I can’t point one mouse and say this is the best gaming mouse for you. Each and every mouse has unique features so person to person choice is various. The best is for you may not best for me.

You need to understand what will you want from your mouse and choose the most suitable one with agree above factors. And also don’t stick with popular brands only; there are so many new upcoming good mice on the market nowadays.

So don’t buy because of your friend bought or others use it just thinks what you want from your new mouse and select it.

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