honeycomb shell mouse

You all know about honeycombs and sure you have seen it. Especially bee honey combs are very similar to these honeycomb shell mouse. Bee always makes its honeycomb including hexagonal cells to store its honey. These hexagonal cells help to keep good ventilation in the honeycomb. That’s why engineers want to build this new innovative mouse like a honeycomb.

All pro gamers always face swatting problem when they play games for a long time. Now they can keep their hands fresh as the way they want. Because of the drilled body of the honeycomb mouse inner ventilation and outer ventilation are same and always air touch with gamer’s palm.

Other factor is weight. Developers want to reduce the weight of gaming mouse, why light weight mice is more friendly for gamming because gamers always want to react quickly when they play games. If their mice are heave there is some possibility to miss their targets in game play. Due to this honeycomb design Manufactures have reduced the body weight of mouse. Therefore honeycomb shell gaming mice became more comfortable mice for gamers.

These are some common key features of the ultra-light honeycomb shell gaming mouse.

  • Lightweight honeycomb shell New housing is engineered to be supremely durable and lightweight.
  • Ultra-light ultra-wave cable-ultra wave cable reduces weight and cable pull.
  • Superior mouse feet – PTEF material provides smooth control with low friction, consistent glide.

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Best Honeycomb Shell Mouse Comparison Table

Best Lightest Mouse
thumb 1
DPI: 16000
Weight: 53g
DPI Indicator
thumb 1
Glorious Model O
DPI: 12000
Weight: 67g
Haiku Scrolls
thumb 1
DPI: 3200
Weight: 58g
7 Buttons
thumb 1
G-Wolves Skoll SK-L3360
DPI: 12000
Weight: 66g
thumb 1
DPI: 16000
Weight: 69g

1. Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse – Best Lightweight Mouse

Cooler Master MM710Cooler Master mm710 Is very interesting gamming mouse that comes with honey comb shell design. It is grouped to lightweight category. This 52 gram mouse will be one of the lightest mice. The ultra-wave cable which is connected to Cooler Master mm710 reduces lot of weight and cable pull. Perforated honeycomb shell doesn’t lose its structural integrity and performs as very durable campaigner.

Inside the mouse you can find a PixArt 3389 optical sensor and it gives better control and perfection. The omron switches are graded for 20 million presses. Because of this omron switch you can use this for a longer period of time. There are two buttons at side and it is also very useful for access to your custom key binds.

Cooler Master mm710 mouse has an ambidextrous shape that is optimized for right hand users. Due to this perforated structure Cooler Master mm710 needs better protection from dust and moisture. Therefore it is sprayed with dust and water resistant coating. But keep in mind encoder and switches are not water resistant.

Feet of the mouse also very effective because it is enhanced with PTEF feet a common mod in pro mousing circles. You can consider this foot as a mouse skates that gives effortless glide and premium responsive and it will help you to play your game quickly with the computer. Because of this innovative shape you can experience maximum air flow and it reduce the sweat of your palm.

Key Features

  • 52 Grams only
  • Include PixArt 3389 optical sensor
  • Enhanced with PTEF feet


  • Lighter
  • Durable body structure
  • Protected from dust and water


  • Encoder and switches are not water-resistant

2. Glorious Model O Mouse – Best Gaming Experience

Glorious Model OGlorious introduce their lighter mouse versions as model o and model o minus. Glorious Model O is 67 gram mouse and model o minus has 58 grams. Glorious Model O has very colorful look because of its RGB lightings. The honey comb shell is very strong and it gives you a very comfortable gaming experience. Though it is hot you can keep your palms fresh and cool. And you never uncomfortable because of holes.

Also Model O honeycomb shell mouse is powered by PMW-3360 sensor, which is excellent for gamming. This sensor can compete with e-sport industry stranded and it has 1000 Hz polling rate and less than 0.7mm lift-off distance. It is includes omron mechanical switches, that can go up to 20 million clicks. Model O has Ascended Cord that gives you a wireless feeling. This Ascended cord is ultra-flexible and super lightweight.

Model O has premium G-Skates of pure virgin PTEF. Because of rounded edges it doesn’t sang on your mouse pad. This g skates has 0.81mm thickness for maximum lifespan. DPI indicator which is included in Glorious Model O honeycomb shell mouse can be set to any color and value which you choose. For a long durability of this mouse you can easily clean this mouse by air canister.

Key Features

  • 67 gram
  • it has 1000 Hz polling
  • connected with an ascended cord


  • Can easily clean
  • Include PTEF feet
  • Has RGB lightings


  • Design for a specific audience

3. Finalmouse Air58 Ninja – Best Mouses for FPS

FinalMouse Air58 NinjaSuppressing everyone Final Mouse released their Ultralight honeycomb shell mouse mouse, at round at 58 grams. New Air58 has a truly stunning look which impresses everyone. But the price of this FinalMouse Air58 discourages their customers. Low budget mice of this company are always out of stock and they focus their customer to buy this high end edition. If you afford their price tag it will really worth you.

Pmw3360 optical sensor which is included to the mouse gives you a better and powerful authority. And the omron button gives a long life for the FinalMouse Air58 Honeycomb shell mouse. Phantomcord cable of Air58 is a very light weight cable and it allows you to control your mouse freely and quickly.

Design of FinalMouse Air58 is very interesting because of its cherry blossom red color. And you can find engraved Haiku in the scroll button of the of FinalMouse Air58. Because of this Honeycomb Design body of this mouse has holes which make this as light weight campaigner and helps you to keep your palms fresh and without sweat.

FinalMouse Air58 Honeycomb shell mouse is not a cheap mouse, now you were understood. However the competition between 80 and 85 grams is not affect to this 58 gram competitor and its sensor, switches, ultra-light performances and stunning design jump a another extra  step in this competition.

Key Features

  • 58 grams
  • Included pmw3360 optical sensor
  • Connected with Phantomcord cable


  • Has a stunning look
  • very lightweight
  • Include powerful Pmw3360 optical sensor


  • Very expensive

4. G-Wolves Skoll SK-L3360 Gaming Mouse – With Seven Buttons

G-Wolves Skoll SK-L3360G-Wolves is not an famous one in the gaming world but their new Skoll SK-3360 Ultralight honeycomb shell mouse is really good and attractive campaigner. This ergonometric right-handed mouse is also grouped under the light weight category. G-Wolves Skoll SK-3360 has a drilled body that belongs honeycomb shell camp is responsible for its 66 grams without considering the cord. Because of RGB color lightings this mouse looks stunning when it works.

Inside of the G-Wolves Skoll SK-3360 honeycomb shell mouse is included a Pixart3360 sensor for high-end performance and it has 12,000 CPI value. Therefore it will work better than you expect. And you can set it up how you want it. As well as you can store 5 profiles onto the onboard memory. There are 7 buttons ad extra side one which makes mouse handy.

Right and left cliks are omron switches that extended for 50 million presses. It gives a long life to G-Wolves Skoll SK-3360 honeycomb shell mouse. And this mouse has 250 maximum IPS value for speedsters.  G-Wolves Skoll SK-3360 is connected with a Paracord cable which tends to bit weight and drag things down.

There are also Teflon feet at the bottom of the mouse that helps you to move quickly and freely your mouse as you expect.

Key Features

  • Has 12,000 CPI value
  • Include RGB color system
  • 250 maximum IPS value


  • Store 5 profiles onto the onboard memory
  • Pixart3360 sensor for high-end performance
  • Lighter weight


  • Paracord cable tends to bit weight and drag


m4Xtrfy M4 is a medium-size ergonomic right-handed design mouse that weighs nearly 71 grams. the overall look and finishing are really impressive you can buy this mouse with several colors like White, Black, Pink, Miami Blue… etc. this mouse also uses honeycomb shell design to reduce the weight and get a good strength to the body. if you take a look for the first time. you will think it does not feel comfortable, but when you held it on your hand for the first time you will know that angular shape fits your hand in very comfortable way.

This M4 mouse built with Pixart 3389 sensor, and it’s capable to handle from 400 to 16 000 Real CPI. and it’s main board and all the electronic parts cover with conformal coating to protect from dust and Splash.

Key Features

  • lighter and more flexible Cables with selectable colors.
  • Right-handed ergonomic design
  • Wide range DPI : 400 / 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 3200 / 4000 / 7200 / 16000


  • Pixart 3389 sensor for best performance
  • Selectable many colors


  • Only for Right-handed players

Why Pro Gamers Use Ultra-light ‘honeycomb’ Mice for Gaming?

honeycomb shell mouse

Glories Company releases their Model O new mouse as ultra light mouse, weighing 67 grams in using honeycomb shell body design. As well as they use lighter weight and flexible cables to minimize drag. Because this new innovative shape you can easily recognize these new ultra light honeycomb shell mouse. Due to potential benefits that they give for their new customers, these ultra light honeycomb gaming mice have become very popular among Pro gamers and tech revivers.

Lot of esport pros in games like Counter-Straik and Over Watch use these new ultra light mice and Mr. Lee who works as a consultant in g-wolves agreed that new trend helps to the growing success of fast-paced esports titles. Games like PUBG, Overwatch and fortune have many shooting fast moves and subtle mouse controls. So these light weight campaigners become major service providers for these kinds of games.

There is a technology based angle for ultra light mice. Ultra light gives answer for common issues in typical mice had. Ultra light mouse are included a very fast sensor to stop the tracking and skipping problems. And ultra light mice come with comfortable and safe design for pro gamers and developers gives a nice shape for ultra light mice that suite for any kind of hand.

Developers want reduce the whole wight of new ultra light mice and add this honeycomb shell model to these ultra light mice and become revolutionary the next big thing in pc gamming. Finally with the help of espot revivers and players, developers built a new ultra light honeycomb shell mice which reacts very quickly and so accurately in pc gamming.

Ultralight Mouse (Not Honeycomb Mice) You Can Buy

Razer Abyssus V2

Razer Abyssus V2The Razor abyssus V2 is an improved version of Razor Abyssus. Manufactures gives a new shape and a new sensor for this Razer Abyssus V2. Especially this new comer is suitable for both right and left handed players. Grip styles of this mouse are very comfortable and it has very standard shape as well as it is very familiar to gamming hands. But it is little bit of smaller than average size.

The Razor abyssus V2 has 4 programmable buttons that can customize from the Razer Synapse software. Below the scroll wheel there is a button that allows you to set and switch between your DPI profiles. You can change your DPI in steps 100 up to 5000 DPI in using the Razer Synapse software.

V2 has rubberized grips on both sides of the mouse, although it is not a honeycomb shell mouse these rubberized grips gives a supper comfort to our hand.This V2 is the lightest mice series of the Razer weighing about 83 grams.This new The Razor abyssus V2 is little bit of weigt than honeycomb shell gamming mice versions but You can play your pro games with this this Razor abyssus V2.

Key Features

  • Small and lightweight
  • Relatively cheap
  • Simple design and layout
  • No side buttons

BenQ Zowie FK2

BenQ Zowie FK2Because of the high quality of this Zowie mouse, is a very popular mouse among pro fps players. It comes with nice shape and high quality sensor that’s why it is more popular among FPS gamers. There are two buttons in both sides but you can only use one side at a time. It means you won’t worry about miss clicks.

This FK2 is only a plug and play mouse; it doesn’t have software for further customizations. There are only 4 DPI setting on this mouse as 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. It is something limited than other high-end mice. It hasn’t RGB color or other heavy decorations but still it is a good replacement for Honeycomb shell gamming mice.

Key Features

  • Low weight of 84 grams
  • Popular amongst FPS pros
  • Two side buttons on each side
  • Minimalist design

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro WirelessThis mouse is belongs to Logitech’s pro series that has been named as highest quality gear for top-level game play. Within 2 years they have built a perfect mouse with the help of 50 professional e-sport players. Because of this reason lot of pro gamers use these Logitech mice. Logitech G Pro is one of the lightest wireless mice that come with supper sensor.

This 80 gram campaigner will give you amazing gaming experience. Logitech increased the battery life of this G Pro than their previous versions. You can use this 49 hours with the lights on and 63 hours with lights off when it fully charged. There are 8 programmable buttons and full RGB lightning.

You can customize all the keybind and other lightings using Logitech software. If don’t you like wired mouse u can’t use a honeycomb shell gamming mouse, so this is the better option for you.

Key Features

  • Wireless with a 50-60 hour battery life
  • Lightweight of 80 grams
  • Wireless technology approved by the pros
  • Mechanical side buttons on both sides

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