Best LED Barn Lights “Barn lights” by its name you can imagine whether it’s a gadget to be used in Farmhouses or something related to agricultural industry; nevertheless, Barn lights have become a latest trend if you think of modernizing your home. In this article we hope to introduce you the Best LED barn lights for 2023.

Also, for those who are in touch with the recent home improvements tendencies, you may have noticed that barn lights have become more popular.

Barn lights are vintage lighting style whereby the initial concept of Barn lights thought to have derived from industrial and agricultural lighting designs used in barn houses. The barn lights are mostly found in yards and farmhouses, but they are nowadays being used in inner-city lighting for business and homes.

Barn lights are ideal for perimeter lighting since it covers a wide area with its large round dome shade. Also good for overhead mounting, these lights come in different styles, such as gooseneck, sconces, ceiling, pendants and more.

Good thing is barn lightings is an ideal fit for both indoors and outdoors which comes in different shapes as you can choose for your preference. Despite the predominant outdoor use, wall and pendant styled barn lights can be used in indoors as well. Well, these lights also good for both commercial and residential setting.

In this article we have listed the Best LED Barn Lights for your easy reference. Preference may vary; hence, what is good for you may not preferred by the other person.

That is why different LED barn lights have diverse specifications. However, we have not written this article to confuse your mind, but to render you an end to end technical knowledge, on how to select the best LED yard light.

Below we have reviewed a range of products with different specifications and from a range of different brands for you, as you go through you will realize there is something for everyone.

Best LED Barn Lights in 2023


  • This burn LED light comes with triple head LED Flood Light to produce up to 13500 Lumens.
  • STASUN LED security light has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • It saves up to 88% of energy

1. TORCHSTAR 35W LED Outdoor Light

TORCHSTA LED Outdoor Barn LightThese Barn lights comprises many features such as Dusk to Dawn, Waterproof, Heavy duty and Mounting height etc. Dusk to Dawn photocell – Turning on at dusk and turns off at dawn automatically ensures high efficiency and minimum power wastage.

Even after mounting this barn light at a height about 13-20 feet, and the lights coverage would be great as 82ft in diameter.

Heavy duty – Rough aluminum casing makes sure excellent heat dissipation and corrosion resistance and allows the lamp maintain a more long-term and constant performance. Also, This Barn light is a perfect replacement for 250-watt incandescent light with its 35w quality LED chips, and protects more for you in your electric bill through its 50,000 hours of lifespan.


  • Best replacement for traditional 250-watt incandescent lights
  • Power: 35W; Voltage 120V 50/60Hz
  • Lifespan: 50000 hours, Luminous flux: 3500, CRI: >80, Source: SMD 2835, Beam Angle> 120°
  • Waterproof: IP65, LED qty: 40 pcs, Color of surface: Brown, Not Dimmable, Working temperature: 40°F-113°F
  • Automatic on and Off when Dawn and Dusk.


  • Big power saving
  • Automatic power on & Off
  • Bright lighting
  • Water and weather-resistant finish


  • Installation difficulties

2. LEONLITE LED 14Inches Gooseneck Barn Light

LEONLITE LED Barn LightIf you are looking for a great gooseneck barn light fixture this is one of the best LED barn lights. It comes along with a pre-installed photocell which enables automatic detection of dawn and dusk. So, it does not allow wasting of power. It only lights when you want it. Apart from that, these LED lights only consume power at a rating of 42 watts still the brightness is awesome.

This is also featuring an airtight design which makes sure that it works effectively even snowy and rainy seasons. Goosenecks are standing out from other LED barn lights because of its special design. Also, if you want the light to be focused on a particular area this is an ideal fit.


  • Photocell included
  • Super bright – equivalent to 150w
  • Waterproof design
  • Durability 50,000 hours lifespan
  • 5-year long product warranty


  • Energy efficient
  • Fully bright
  • ETL certified
  • Suitable for any weather


  • Price concern

3. Feit 300W Non-Dimmable LED Yard Light

Feit LED Yard LightThis is one of the Best LED Barn Lights and most people who have used it before have recommended since its ability to save energy and still remain one of the brightest yard lights in the market. This is because of the reason that it outputs 4,000 lumens and having a daylight (5000K) colour temperature.

This barn light can surely be replaced with the 300-watt incandescent lights. This light also comes with corrosion resistant housing which keeps it protected from corrosion and extending its lifespan. Feit has an average life of 36000 hours.

Feit LED barn lights are well-designed because everyone is concerned about the outer looks as well as the performance. The light uses up to 87% less energy is a key thing to emphasize.


  • 2-year company warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Very bright yard light (5000k)
  • 4000 lumens
  • Bronze finishing


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to operate
  • Energy saving
  • Brightest of its range
  • Handy look


  • Comparatively, low lifespan compared to other barn lights

4. Superior Lighting 70W LED Yard Light

Superior Lighting LED Yard LightThis LED barn light with its 70-watt output is enormously energy efficient. The light also provides stunning 10000 lumens of high output illumination. Furthermore, this extremely bright LED yard light comes with 5000K daylight white color light. The dusk to dawn outdoor LED light embraces photocell. With the assistance of the mounting arm & bracket, anyone can simply install this light to a pole or on wall.

Also, this LED light is durable enough to lighten up your yard for 50000 hours approximately. Moreover, the dustproof and bug proof finishing of this product makes it ideal for installing at any location and any weather. This LED light is ideal for garages, building walls, alleyways and parking areas.


  • Highly durable
  • Dustproof and bug proof completion
  • Energy-saving LED technology
  • 5000k daylight white light


  • Ultra-bright LED light
  • Dusk to Dawn
  • Energy efficient
  • 70,000 hours of maintenance-free performance


  • Sensor issues
  • Non-dimmable

5. Brightech LightPRO 56W LED Yard Light

Brightech LightPRO LED Yard LightBrightech proudly stands behind its products because it believes in its quality. The company accepts returns; thanks to its 3- day money back guarantee.

This LED light has basically designed for outdoor use, the yard light is made of heavy-duty corrosion proof aluminum that protects it from sand, dirt, water, bugs and other elements. It is a high functioning yard light that promises to light up your backyard season in season out.

Whether you want to guard your barn, storage place or other outdoor valuables, this is the light to go for. It has 5,000 lumens and boasts a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin. The compact designed LED yard light boasts 56 watts, which allow it to produce extremely bright light. The light has an inbuilt photocell, which enables it to light up automatically at dusk and turning off at dawn.


  • Better outdoor light
  • Heavy-duty – corrosion-proof
  • Aluminum cover
  • Dirt & waterproof


  • Best money-back guarantee
  • Built-in photocell
  • 3-year warranty
  • Easy installation


  • Light defects

6. Hykolity 80W LED Barn Light

Hykolity LED Barn LightHykolity LED Barn lights saving 70% electric bill instantly. This 80-watt LED barn light comes with an inbuilt CREE COB to bring stunning 8800-lumnes high output brightness. The light is also a great replacement for a 250-watt MH. Additionally, the photocell gadget of this light automatically turns the light on at dusk and turns it off when dawn. The quicker heat-dissipation of this unit enables it to cool down the mechanism rapidly.

The LED yard light also comes with the estimated lifespan long as 50000 hours. Moreover, the heavy-duty rugged die cast aluminum housing of this product is very much resistant to water and any weather condition. The erosion and shockproof resistant LED yard lights are ideal to mount in the wet locations too.


  • 8800 lumens of excellent output brightness
  • Shockproof and erosion resistant finish
  • Appropriate for outdoor and wet locations


  • The best-LED Barn light for saving electricity which is about 70%
  • Dusk to dawn
  • High durability
  • Long quality assurance
  • A Californian based company


  • Durability issues

7. LEPOWER 28W LED Security Light

LEPOWER LED Security LightThis LED light is super brightness LED motion sensor security light which is a part of Lepower’s continuing pursuit for making highly quality and convenient products for their customers. Two super bright LED light heads with die-casting aluminum finish, produce up to 2500lm high bright light output and better heat dissipation. Saving over huge as 80% on your electricity bill. For the money this is a very bright LED fixture.

Super bright and energy saving makes this one of the best LED Barn lights: Two super bright LED light heads with the die-casting aluminum materials, project up to 2500lm high brightness output and better heat dissipation. Save your electricity cost by up to 80%.

High sensitivity and Adjustable design: Up to 180° wide sensing angle and max 50 feet sensor range. Easy adjustable lighting heads, lens hoods and motion sensor to various angle as your requirement.


  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • 60 days money-back guarantee for quality issues
  • Full metal design
  • Powered by Samsung LED lamp bead


  • The installation will be a little confusing

8. STASUN 150W LED Security Light

STASUN LED Security LightAnother Best LED barn light we think you should have some knowledge about is the Stasun 150w LED security light. It saves up to 88% of energy still it throws out abundant of light with no glare. Also, the light’s output is bright enough to get rid of any shadows.

It produces 13500 lumens, which can only be compared with lights consuming up to 950 watts of energy. Moreover, this LED security light has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours. The lifespan is ten times longer compared to other traditional lamps. It is a well-created light that has all it takes to make a statement in your garden, garage, parking lot and driveaway.

It can also be placed as a stadium light, considering how super bright it is. Surprisingly, this barn light is very much affordable. We are optimistic that you will find it very handy.


  • Die-cast aluminum casing
  • Shock-resistant PC lens
  • Innovative finish
  • Triple head design
  • 30cree LEDs


  • Wide area light
  • Waterproof and can be used in any condition
  • Quality product
  • Best service after delivery
  • Low price


  • The cord might be fell like a little longer

9. Bbounder LightPRO 70W 9800LM LED Barn Lights

Bbounder LightPRO LED Barn LightsThe LED barn light is very much energy efficient, so you can save cash on the cost of the product. The LED light has 70W low consumption, but it can be replaced 700W incandescent, which means that you can save more on electricity bill in its long lifespan.

Dusk to Dawn Photocell – The Bbounder lighting LED barn light is the ideal dusk to dawn light to light up your backyard, shop, barn, or alley. Furnished with dusk to dawn photocell, there is no need for the lighting to remain on 24×7.


  • The best-LED barn light for dusk to dawn technology
  • Energy saving
  • Safety and durability
  • Best warranty – 50000 hours lifetime, which is 10 times more than the traditional incandescent barn light. 5 years warranty.


  • Waterproof
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • LED technology
  • DLC & ETL-listing
  • Great lighting & super brightness


  • Might arise some defects but still can be covered by warranty

10. ZJOJO Radar Sense LED Yard Light

ZJOJO Radar Sense LED Yard LightThere is nothing interesting than being able to do your favorite activities even at night. Whether you love working in your garage or greenhouse at night or just ensuring your pathways are lightened; thus, barn light can assist you feel secured.

It has been accepted by many as the best barn light for many reasons. It is quite different from other yard lights in the market, which uses a microwave sensor technology rather than the infrared sensor. Furthermore, there is a particular connection on the switches which can be used in adjusting detection range, hold time and daytime sensor. It is ideal for installation in wall mounting as well as arm mounting.


  • Microwave sensor: Light turns off at sunrise/ daytime and lights On at sundown/ at night when people or objects move.
  • Energy efficient-Save 80% on electricity bill
  • IP65 Waterproofing: Suitable for outdoors/ Wet conditions


  • Easy adjustable settings
  • Nice design
  • Durable engineering
  • Water and dustproof


  • Costly

Buying Guide for Pick Best LED Barn Lights

Following are some of the main parameters if you want to buy the best LED Barn light. Please go through below carefully for a better LED Barn light experience.

Easy to install

If you are not an expert, then installing a LED yard light can be little tricky for you. Somehow, if you find it difficult to install the light systems properly, then it can cause malfunctioned lighting system or will not be working properly.

So, before you pick a LED yard light, just make sure if the system is easy for you to install or not. Most of the producers include the required mounting hardware with its lighting system and it is essential to have the manual in the package, so you can appropriately install the light.


Mostly these yard LED lights are apposite for outdoor purpose. However, for outdoor installation, it is always better to look for the LED lights which have the non-corrosive material created lights for your safety and the prolonged lifespan of the lights. Also, strong materials help encompass the lifespan of a barn light, and also very economical.

It is obvious that you do not want to spend your hard-earned money every time on a new LED yard light. Always look for the lifespan and the warranty of the LED light.

Some of the producers make wet location-rated casing for the barn lights, so they can resist snowfalls, heavy rains and other weather conditions. But just keep in mind to purchase the lights with waterproof material structure for safety.


All the LED yard lights we have listed above are good quality. Preference differ; hence, what best for you may not suit the other person as expected. That is why different LED barn lights have different features.

However, we have not written this article to complicate your mind, but to render you a technical know-how, on how to choose the best LED yard lights. That is why we have reviewed a range of products with different features and from different brands for you, at least to ensure there is something for everyone.

Recently, the solar-based lights are getting famous in areas where plenty of sunlight falls. This makes sure less electricity bill, and you can light them up all night without any hesitation. So much ecofriendly. All the lights we have written above are weather resistant, and heat dissipation rate is better for longer durability. LED lights are the brightest and the power efficiency is so high.

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