Best Office ChairsWork is never easy unless you find a convenient way to sit and work. Do you know choosing the best office chair can lead you to be more productive at all your activities? That can also bring you a good competitive advantage among your peers? We learned that not every chair is suitable for everyone, so have a look at our guide below with lots of salt, which will certainly help you to pick the best office chairs.

If you are similar to millions of people around the globe, you are probably spending many hours a day sitting in a chair. You know it is not healthy and we know you can’t do anything about that, even you may have suffered back muscle problems and other difficulties because of it.

How about finding a chair, that will help not only to maintain your good health but also to carry out your day to day work without any hassle.

While you probably don’t want to waste a lot of bucks on a chair, a high-quality ergonomic chair will be a perfect investment for your health, comfort, and productivity.

Do yourself a favor, and invest in the best office chair. The choices may seem endless, but trust us, finding the best chair for you is more than worth the effort and perhaps the price label.

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Editor’s choice: Flash Furniture Office Chair

Editor's choice
  • High back office chair with wheels
  • Mesh back with built-in lumbar support
  • Executive style swivel chair perfect for office and desk
  • Adjustable headrest for maximum comfort, made with black nylon and a chrome base

List of the best office chairs for 2023

1. Steelcase Gesture – Most Customizable Chair

Steelcase Gesture ChairSteelcase Gesture chair has designed and engineered to be intuitive to adjust. The company has conducted a Global posture study spanning different continents and over 2,000 participants before presenting this healthy chair. It has been learned in the study that changes in technology and behavior have led to new unhealthy postures. Also, observant technology could boost productivity and healthy posture.

Inspired by the human body, the chair is designed for the way we work nowadays. Gesture is the pioneering office chair engineered to support a larger range of technologies, posture, and user sizes.

The right-sided easy to locate key controls of the chair; making easy and immediate feedback to your requirement.

With 3D Liveback, Gesture automatically adjusts to imitate natural spine movement, contouring to the users’ back in all positions. It is made as a system of synchronized interfaces, backing up a greater range of postures through the back, the seat, and the arms.

When you place the arms toward the back of the chair and the soft seat edges allow for comfortable alternative postures.

  • 360 Arm
  • Intuitive Adjustments
  • Quick feedback controls
  • Healthy postures
  • Core Equalizer
  • Air-pocketed seat
  • Ergonomic design

2. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Classic Aeron ChairThe classic Aeron chair is making sitting for hours a day easier; on the back and spine with its pixilated support design. The suspension back is flexible elastomer which adjusts to any person’s unique shape and gives an exceptional comfort and support for just about all body types.

The limiter allows you to set recline range at one of the three postures in the chair: upright, mid-recline, or full-recline. Also, Tension control helps you to adjust the sum of effort needed to recline comfortably.

Seat angle adjustment alters seat angle from neutral (parallel to floor) to engaged (5-degree forward tilt). Adjustable Lumbar support is another huge benefit in this chair; which adjusts to support the natural curve of your midback, or lumbar area of your body.

A versatile caster that can be used on hard surfaces such as wood, ceramic tile, or carpeted floor, gives good traction control in any surface.

The chair is considered as the Rolls Royce of office chairs due to its excellent finish and functions.

  • Tension control/ fully loaded chair
  • Hardwood floor caster
  • Back tilt lock/ forward tilt
  • Lumbar support
  • 10 Year company warranty

3. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair- Best Basic Office Chair

Steelcase Leap Fabric ChairLeap is a highly ergonomic chair that adjusts to suit your body, so you don’t need to change your body to fit with the chair. It will do wonders on your back! Steelcase is a leading brand in creating great experiences by offering a range of architecture, furniture and technology products and services engineered to help people reaching their highest potential.

Steelcase is one of the core brands of the company and protecting the environment is in their DNA. The chair enabled with LiveBack technology. The Leap chair back changes shape to mimic and support the movement of your spine.

This comfortable office chair is intuitive to adjust to fit you comfortably for the entire day. In addition, the chair featuring: pneumatic seat-height adjustment, height-width-pivot-depth adjustable arms, variable back-stop, black plastic frame, shell, base, Lumbar support, arms, hardy casters, fabric, open box refurb etc.

  • Ergonomic advances
  • Stylish contour
  • Auto change shape
  • Live Back technology

4. Amazon Basics Classic Office Desk Computer Chair

AmazonBasics Classic Office ChairThis Classic office chair comes with 360 degree swivel and lumbar support. Experience plush comfortable cushion, stability and ergonomic support throughout your work with this great product. The rolling caster wheels; that allow you to revolve between projects with ease.

Comprising a sturdy construction on a heavy-duty five-point base, this office chair is built to endure regular, daily use. Perfect fit for a home or office use, the chair is a reliable construction with all-day comfort and exceptional mobility.

This classic chair also a great solution for working long hours due its simple design and lumbar & head support, both cushioned nicely. The sloping waterfall seat edge; that reduces pressure on your back spine and legs, as well as plush padding on the back, head, and seat for ergonomic soothe.

To reduce the work-related strain you can adjust the chair’s height. The chair is 100% microfiber; upholstery repels dust and dirt, and also offers a stain-resistant build that stays look fresh, longer.

  • Full body support
  • Ergonomic design
  • Simple and Classic
  • 360 degree swivel and easy mobility

5. Alera Elusion Series Mesh High-Back Multifunction Chair – Best Budget Office Chair

Alera Multifunction ChairMultifunctional mechanism with seat slide allows back angle adjustment in relation to seat, adjustable tilt (free floating or infinite locking postures) and forward tilt. Cool, breathable mesh back. Contoured seat cushion with waterfall edge; to assist relieve pressure on back and legs.

Lower cushion is supportive and relaxed; back mesh is stiff and supportive and being of a mesh material keeps you chill when seated. One of the best office chairs for long hours of work.

The arms are adjustable to height and width with soft polyurethane pads. For easy mobility five-star base casters have been installed.

The chair will bring you some extra look for the table and stands out among other chairs. Composed of good solid materials to offer you some extra comfort. As per lot of users, the chair’s level of control is incredible.

  • Breathable mesh back
  • Great look
  • Padded slant T-Bar Arm
  • Enhanced maneuverability

6. Flash Furniture High Back Office Chair – Best office chair under $100

Flash Furniture High Back Office ChairThe chair is large and very comfy. It is very professional looking and well constructed. The chair features a ventilated mesh back that allows air to circulate to keep your body cool while sitting. So, this could be very much ideal for your long days of work.

The padded flip-up arms is another good option that provide the alternative to have either a desk chair with or without arms, whichever you wish.

The little downward curve to this waterfall seat edge gets the pressure off of your legs while sitting. The feature helps to enhance circulation.

The sturdy two-tone base brings the chair an elegant look and much hardy look, and five casters help the mobility of chair immensely.

The tilt-lock mechanism enables the user to enjoy a relaxing or reclining motion while taking a quick break away from work.

  • Easy assembling
  • Two-tone base
  • Ventilated mesh back
  • Waterfall seat

7. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Computer Desk Chair

AmazonBasics Executive Desk ChairEnjoy better-quality of lumbar support and maneuverability while at work with the AmazonBasics Semi-Assembled Big & Tall office chair. This adjustable 360 degree swivel chair is a must-have for those who work daily at a pc, due to its comfy, ergonomic design. Comprising a tilt mechanism, pneumatic seat height adjustment and structured cushioning, the AmazonBasics chair offers executive quality & look, coupled with great value.

Utilize at home or the office for computer work, studies, gaming, and other activities that need you to sit for long periods of the time – and make the maximum of even the longest work day.

Featuring a soft, supple bonded leather exterior, the Amazon Basics Executive office chair offers a high-end look and lasting robustness. Situated on a 5-point hardy base, its 360 degree rotation and hooded caster wheels let you to roll, pivot, and multi-task like a pro.

With the latest no-tools-required model assists you to fix the chair without any mess, and also you can roll the chair in minutes to carry it wherever you want.

  • Semi-Assembled
  • High-back
  • Pneumatic control handle
  • Rich look
  • Ergonomic design

8. Ergonomic Office Chair High Back Mesh with 4D Arm Rests

Liccx Ergonomic Office ChairUnbelievably Comfortable Chair, Every part of the Angel Queen chair has engineered to serve a very specific and healthful reason – setting a new tech for pressure demarcation, spinal alignment, and natural movement.

Its ergonomic design instantly reacts to your body movements and postures; to provide natural balance and total hold up.

The breathable and flexible mesh material forms help your back; backrest and seat cradle your body, offering you soothing sitting experience and helping get your work done in a cheerful mood. Get yourself seated on this chair and enjoy even through your long working days!

This office chair can recline from 90° to 135°, helping you relax by tilting it backward – forward in your daily work or study. And the back tilt adjustment mechanism of this chair is adjusted automatically by body weight and does not require the tension adjuster for reclining.

You can bring the perfect support to your arm by adjusting the 4D arms. Also, the arms of the chair have been designed to bring the chair an extra beauty.

  • Breathable mesh chair
  • Ergonomically designed office chair
  • Fully adjustable 4D armrests
  • Relaxes your body
  • Large bearing capacity
  • Easy setup

9. HON Exposure Mesh Task Chair

HON Computer ChairThe fresh design aesthetic and slim profile are an ideal complement to any office environment. Finally, a task Chair that comes together with style and performance at an affordable price.

2-to-1 tilt ratio reclines the back at a higher rate than the seat for proper back alignment.

Tilt tension will control the rate and ease of recline and the tilt lock will lock out the tilt function.

Height-adjustable seat and height-and width-adjustable arms provide fully customizable comfort. Modify the seat position forward or backward, change the seat width, decide how far you want to recline and adjust the chair height until it reaches your perfect fit.

Adjustable lumbar provides total back support based on the individual need and posture of different users.

This high level performance chair’s contoured sandwich mesh seat and dramatic mesh back design keep your body happy, supported and relaxed so you can concentrate on work properly.

  • Breathable mesh
  • Fully adjustable
  • Ergonomic adjustments
  • Quick mobility
  • New design
  • Lumbar support

10. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Ergonomic Office ChairThis Embody chair has been designed to do more than just minimizing the negative effects of sitting. The product has designed empathetically addressing the most of problems people have; as a result of long day sitting.

“Design is the connective tissue between people and the world” that’s what Herman Millers – the manufacturer of this unique chair design thinks.

The innovative ergonomic design of the chair sets a new benchmark for pressure distribution, spinal alignment, and natural movement.

Designed to be virtually as human back, the Embody chair has a central spine and flexible ribs. The Backfit adjustment lets you to position the backrest in line with your spine’s natural bend so you achieve a neutral and balanced posture that helps you remain focused and comfortable all day long.

We would say some of the benefits – the correct word more than features of this inimitable chair are: Stress reducing, Boost your creativity, Healthful posture, Three- zones of support, conforms to you automatically.

The chair also has engineered to reduce seated pressure and stimulate blood and oxygen, all that oxygen helps you think better.

Above everything the chair will definitely add colors to your premises while assisting with all your work, health problems and relaxation.

  • Pixelated support
  • Layers of Intelligence
  • Functional technology
  • Unique design and features
  • Elegant look

Buying Guide

Selecting the best office chair may be vary according to your various requirements. But for most of the people, Office chairs are a part of the décor of any office and so many people try to make sure they look good without worrying about the health factors; the chair will have on the person who uses it. The design or ergonomics of the chair should be considered before everything else.

Pick the best office chair

Lumbar supports, Adjustability, Wheel base, Swivel base, Fabric are utmost important factors if you are on the look to purchase the best office chair. Read about user comments before make the purchasing decision to have a better and more practical idea about the chair.

If it is possible, go to a store nearby in your area and sit down, check what you are going to buy before making the purchasing decision. Lean forward, lean back, pull levers and ask questions about everything you want to know about the chair. One day your back, muscles, different joints and brain will thank you for your decision.

If it is not possible you to make a visit to a showroom physically; or you may not having enough time to do that, then not to worry the tips in the article will positively help you to find out the best office chair. For office work, studies, MBA assignments or anything you want to do with a chair will be much more productive if you choose the correct chair.

There are many benefits to having the best chair other than less back strain. A good supportive chair prevents fatigue, regular breaks and boredom at work. The ergonomics, flexibility, manufacturer’s warranty and design of the chair are so much needed to consider above anything else.


Selecting the best chair for your office or home use should involve considering factors like: Kinematics, preferred postures, pressure distribution, metabolic and seated tasks etc. The chair with a good backrest and lumbar support will immensely benefit you to perform your day to day activities profoundly.

Possessing a healthful chair always has an effect on your mental health. More than the price tag; consider about a healthful product because finally it is your “Health is the biggest Wealth”.

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