Best Portable ChargersDo you want to know about the best portable chargers, also known power bank? You are at the right place. Let us take you through this decision.

Feeling of frenzy and fear when your smartphone and Laptop batteries are going to die. You can’t call for assistance, you can’t utilize GPS, and you can’t cover your head in Instagram to maintain a strategic distance from talking with the individual behind you in the line. You don’t have a wall near you every time when traveling or in far off places.

Portable Chargers are the only solution to this problem. You don’t need every time to plug into the wall. Portable Chargers have a unique battery in an uncommon case with an extraordinary circuit to control stream. They enable you to store electrical vitality (store it in the batteries) and afterward later go through it to charge a cell phone (pull back it from the bank).

Portable Chargers have turned out with progressively mainstream as the battery life of our dearest Smart-phones, tablets and compact media players Exceed measure of time we go through utilizing them every day. By keeping a battery reinforcement near to, you can Recharge your devices while away from a Power Source.

Portable chargers are compacts, so you can easily put it in your Bag. They have many sockets, so you can charge more than one Device at a time. Everybody thoughts the portable chargers are costly but actually, they are not so costly. So here are the best Portable Chargers that Spice up Your lives.

Best Portable Chargers 2023 Comparison Table

Fast charging
Capacity : 20400mAh
Massive capacity
Capacity : 50000mAh
Lots of ports
Capacity : 30000mAh
Size Is small and slim
Capacity : 20000mAh
Greater value
Capacity : 10000mAh

Omnicharge AC/DC Portable Power Bank – Omni 20

Omnicharge Omni 20Omni Charge 20 comes with sleek and stylish design and contains a total capacity of 20400mAh power enough to charge your smart-phones, DSLR cameras, Laptops and a wide variety of devices.

It contains a small display screen that shows charging status and temperature and many other statistics and also contains one power buttons and 2 navigation buttons at the top.

Omni charge 20 have 2 charging ports, the first one is normal charging port and the other one is fast charging. At the bottom, 2 fans are placed which cools it during charging.

Omnicharge has a sophisticated technology that gives active, period power management capabilities displayed through an LED screen with intelligent charging, it is aware of what’s connected and therefore the best charger for every device.

It can charge a Samsung and iPhones up to 6 times, iPad and tablets for 2 times, DSLR cameras up to 4 times. It also provides 100% charging for MacBook Air, and a 70% for Macbook pro. It also meets FAA Guidelines for air travel. 

  • High capacity
  • Supports fast charging
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Very high price as compared to other portable chargers with the same specifications
  • It can be turned on in bag accidentally

Maxoak K2 Portable Charger

MAXOAK K2Maxoak K2 Comes with a sleek design and a shiny metal cover and has a total capacity of 50000mAh which is quite enough to charge many devices.

On the top side, it contains 4 USB ports, two are 5V/1A and other two are 5V/2.1A and also have two additional ports, one is 20V/3A for laptops and other is 12V/2.5A for digital cameras, which means you can charge six devices simultaneously.

It also contains 3 lights which indicate charging status and a power button and charging time of Maxoak k2 is 6 to 8 hours.

Once it’s fully charged it can charge your iPhone 6-17 times, Samsung galaxy eleven (11) times and other smartphones 6 times, iPads and tablets nearly 5-6 times and laptops up to 2 times.

It is heavy, but you can take it with you on trips because it can be easy to put in the bag. It is made of Li-ion polymer cells which contain six security protections to ensure 1000+ recharge cycles.

The company is providing 12 months 100% satisfaction and replacement warranty.

  • Massive capacity (50000mAh) and can charge many devices
  • Supports many adapters for the most common devices
  • It has a solid case that prevents it from breakage
  • Contains six charging ports for charging six devices at a time
  • It does not support Apple laptops
  • Physical size is very much greater than its competitors

ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30000mAh Power Bank

ZeroLemon ToughJuiceToughJuice Zerolemon is a portable charger with 30000mAh capacity. it is very thick and comes with a rigid cover that can’t show any fingerprints on it. On the top side, it contains 4 USB ports out of which 3 are 5V/1A and the remaining 1 supports fast charging that is 5V/2.1A.

On the right side, it contains a micro USB port for its own charging, and on the front and back side, it has 2 power buttons with led lights which show the charging status. It can charge 4 devices simultaneously and contains an Anti-shock rugged battery.

It supports USB-C, Type-C and Compatible with the new MacBook 2015/2016, prolong use of MacBook Pro 15/13-inch 2016, Lenovo Yoga 910, New Dell Xps 15/13 inch, OnePlus 5, Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, LG G6 and Nintendo Switch 2017.

It can charge iPhone 7 up to 11 times, iPhone 7 Plus/Galaxy S8 Plus/Google Pixel XL up to 7 times and MacBook once.

ZeroLemon guarantees 12 months warranty for this portable charger.

  • Lots of ports (USB C out, 3 USB ports 5V 1A, 1 USB QC 3.0)
  • It has an extremely high capacity (30000mAh)
  • It has a rugged exterior with port covers
  • Charge 5 devices simultaneously
  • Took a long time to recharge
  • Not smallest portable charger

Anker PowerCore II 20000 Power Bank

Anker PowerCore II SlimAnker PoweCore II is a portable charger that comes with a Quick charge 2.0 with 20000mAh capacity. It is very handy as it is perfect for camping with friends in far off areas.

It has Power IQ 2.0 which enables it to charge as smart as your devices are. Utilizing the new Power IQ 2.0, the PowerCore II can charge more devices, faster (and safer) than ever.

The sensible technology will charge android or iOS devices at the most speed, with up to 18W of output.

The best feature is that you can charge a galaxy s7 in just an hour and a half. It comes with 2 charging ports. On the upper right side is 12W port which uses Power IQ 1.0 while on the left side is 18W which uses a quick charge with Power IQ 2.0  It can charge an iPhone 8 for 3.5 times and Galaxy s8 for 2 times.

  • It charges 33% faster than ordinary chargers
  • It has soft silicone cover which prevents it from scratches
  • Size Is small and slim
  • Enough power to charge most smartphones to full at least twice
  • Charging capacity is small as other products are giving at the same price

Aukey Power Bank

Aukey Power Bank Aukey Power Bank comes with 10000mAh capacity and USB-C with power charge delivery of 2.0 for simple charging and Qualcomm technology 3.0 for fast charging. It is very slim and stylish which makes it perfect to carry out on any occasion.

On the upper side, we have 2 USB ports, on the left side is a simple 2.0 port, in middle it has USB-C and on the right side, it has quick charge 3.0 port. On the right side of the power bank, we have a power button with led lights which tells the status of charging.

On the right side of the power bank, we have a small power cable input for charging it. It can charge an iPhone, Samsung, iPads and other electronic media. It took 3 hours and 56 minutes to charge itself. The best feature about this charger is that it can charge an iPhone 10-50% in just 30 minutes which is the blockbuster thing about it.

  • Great Power to size ratio
  • Most efficient battery than its competitors
  • It has a greater value as it is very beneficial
  • More units are defective then average units
  • It takes more time to charge due to high capacity

Tips to Buy Best Portable Power Bank

Nowadays the most common question is what sort of Portable charger Is good for me to pick? So Here are the things you should consider before buying a Portable Charger.

  1. They come in all shapes in sizes, with sticker prices to coordinate. You may need something lightweight and modest, however, that is a whole lot of nothing on the off chance that it won’t change your most basic gadgets. So how might you pick the perfect juice-box for your lightweight suitcase?
  2. It’s about math. A battery-powered battery’s ability is normally estimated in milliampere hours (mAh). For instance, a Samsung Galaxy S3 accompanies a 2100mAh battery, while the iPhone 5 depends on a 1440mAh cell.
  3. It makes sense, at that point, that any convenient charger you purchase ought to have in any event as many limits as your cell phone. That way you can completely energize it from a completely depleted state.
  4. Now, suppose you’re likewise pressing a Kindle Fire HD. Furthermore, a Bluetooth speaker. The previous flaunts a muscular 4400mAh battery, while the last may utilize a 1,500mAh cell.
  5. Assuming you’d need to have the option to revive each of the three gadgets, you’d need a charger with an 8,000mAh battery.
  6. If you don’t know what measure battery your Smartphone, tablet, or other contraption utilizes, you might probably discover on the maker’s Web website in the tech-specs area.
  7. You can have a go at Googling the item name and “battery mAh.” So, for instance, to get familiar with the limit of the iPhone 5’s battery, You Have To scan for “iPhone 5 battery mAh.” Just from seeing the outcomes, you will almost certainly decide the number.
  8. Needless to state, the bigger the battery in a Portable Charger, the more you’ll have the option to juice your cell phones. Be that as it may, bigger batteries gauge more and cost more, so you’ll need to figure those contemplations your choice.
  9. Also note that tablets can truly toss the condition lopsided, as they will, in general, have exceptionally enormous batteries. In the event that you thought the Kindle Fire HD’s was huge, the iPad 3 utilizes an astounding 11,666mAh cell. Good karma finding a Portable Charger that can give that a full charge.
  10. Ensure your Portable Charger works alongside the USB standard. A few Smartphones have a moderate charging mode in PC association and quick charging mode in power supply association. If you see any distinction in charging speed between AC charger and PC association, think about which one of these two speeds your Portable Charger is giving. On the off chance that it is a low speed, regardless you may almost certainly fix it with a quicker USB charging link. There Is a chance that the Portable Charger can’t give enough power (basically low-quality Portable Charger) nothing can fix it.

How to maintain your Portable Charger for a Long Time

1. Try not to utilize your Portable Charger in high warmth and mugginess:

At whatever point you change your workstation, it might occur, the framework just crashes when it gets excessively hot. A similar law works for the Portable Charger too. Portable Charger is comprised of Lithium – particle or Lithium-polymer batteries that utilization inner cells for power stockpiling. In this manner, overheating and extreme temperature drives these Portable chargers to detonate.

2. Try not to utilize your cellphone while charging it With Portable Charger:

At whatever point you utilize your cell phones while charging, you may see that it gets hot. This is the equivalent for the Portable Charger added that it will prompt a blast while charging. Along these lines, don’t do such exercises like playing recreations or visiting with companions at whatever point your cell phones are getting charged by a Portable Charger.

3. Try not to charge your Portable Charger until it’s completely released:

Charge your Portable Charger gadgets when it thoroughly comes up short on power. This will expand the life expectancy of your capacity bank.

4. Utilize your Portable Charger routinely:

Use and energize your Portable Charger every now and again. This will keep up your Portable Charger and expands the life expectancy of the battery.

5. Handle your Portable Charger to manage an account with consideration:

Abstain from dropping or thumping. Try not to put substantial things on your Portable Charger. Try not to situate on it as Portable Charger is excessively touchy.

6. Go Through Charging:

Go through charging is one way you can charge your gadgets when you’re at home. Go through charging enables you to charge your gadgets, similar to your Smartphone, through a Portable Charger that is being revived through an outlet. As it were, the progression of power goes from your divider, through the Charger, and into your Smartphone. There are a couple of reasons individuals should need to do this, yet it will put weight on your Portable Chargers and Decrease life Span.


From All of the Portable Chargers Anker Power Core 2 Slim as compared to other chargers in this range is the best choice because It has a maximum capacity of 10000mAh and its lightweight and has a very beautiful silicon cover which is scratches free. It also has a plus point that it can charge 33% faster than ordinary Portable Chargers. Its price is a little bit high as compared to others, but it is the best of all.

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