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Best Silent Mouse…?  Do you guys know what the silent mouse is?  Simply there is no click sound comes from silent mouse, while left and right buttons pressing normal mouse not quite we can hear  Sound like “tik”. But if you use a silent mouse you don’t hear that “tik” sound.

OK, now you know what is silent mice so then let’s talk about what is the Best silent mouse we can buy.   But, we can’t say this is the best one or this one is best. because silent mouse also comes with several types’ wireless, gaming and slim design. So we can’t say exactly this is the Best silent mouse so we decide to list 5 Silent mice including those categories. But the common benefit is quite clicking. That makes us free, worry about bothering others and keep us stay focused while working. Ok then let’s see what are the top 5 Best Silent Mouse, we found for you. 

Top-Rated Silent Mouse Comparison Table

Wireless Gaming
thumb 1
VEGCOO C8 Silent Click
Weight: 3.5 oz
Buttons: 6
Silent from Logitech
thumb 2
Logitech M330 Silent Plus
Weight: 3.2 oz
Buttons: 3
Programmable Gaming Mouse
thumb 3
VicTsing USAA2-CA32
Weight: 4 oz
Buttons: 7
Slim Wireless
thumb 4
Weight: 2.5 oz
Buttons: 4
For Normal Use
thumb 5
Emopeak E2Pro
Weight: 4 oz

1. VEGCOO C8 Silent Click – Wireless Rechargeable Best Silent Mouse

This one is a Silent gaming mouse, really eye-catching design with cool breathing color creating an ideal atmosphere for playing games. This is a silent mouse so it’s allowing you to work or play games without bothering others around you. This mouse has 7 buttons but only the Left and Right Buttons are quiet clicks, ok now you think is that really silent mouse..? Yes, it is still a silent click mouse; it has 3 levels of adjustable DPI (1200-1600-2400DPI).

These silent gaming mice powered by 400mAh built-in-rechargeable battery, we can promise a long battery life and mouse is user and environmental friendly. Finally, I have to say this is a really cool noiseless gaming mouse. I hope you guys love to use this, ah I forgot to tell you, please make sure the mouse is turned on when you are changing it and also you can use it while it charging.

2. Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Logitech, I know some of you guys love that brand because they have a bunch of quality products own.  This is a Logitech M330 silent mouse. It offers a quiet experience of you and those around you. With auto sleep function this mouse can keep the battery life nearly 24 months long. This is a wireless mouse so it has a powerful 10-meter wireless range between mouse and receiver.  The added security of  128-bit encryption.  After using long hours even you feel comfort because its shape is contoured for your right hands. Almost any surface you will feel smooth moves and precise cursor control thanks to advanced optical tracking.

This is a plug and play mouse support with Windows 10 or later Windows RT Windows 8 Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.5 OS Linux Kernel 2.6 + 2USB port.

  • Comfortable, hand sculpted shape
  • Sturdy design
  • Eliminates 90% of the noise
  • The only documentation for how buttons work is online
  • Dose not have DPI button

3. VicTsing USAA2-CA32 Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is mouse perfect for entry level casual gamers, not a High-end gaming mouse, Very comfortable for small hands. It has a great fit and finished and also easy to clean. This is a wireless gaming mouse so it comes with a cool backlight feature. If you remove the receiver from the pc and then click any button of the mouse, it’s going to sleep mode to save the battery life.

The mouse gets live with 1 AA size battery. Because of a gaming mouse, this mouse has 800-1200-1600-2000-2400DPI range and 7 buttons including scroll wheel. Finally, we can say this is an excellent long term investment for the gaming silent mouse also this one be the best silent mouse of gaming use on our list.

  • Each buttons have lifespan of 5 million clicks
  • Featuring an optical tracking technology
  • Dose not include Configuration software

4. VicTsing USAE4-VTGEPC071AB Slim Wireless Mouse

Quiet clicks will free your worry about bothering others beside you. Precise movement, smoother tracking and Quick response by the optical laser. For your hands comport mouse streamline design with sweat-resistance and anti-fingerprints, the anti-slip scroll wheel ensures not slip while scrolling.

This mouse is twice thinner than an ordinary mouse so because of this slim design this mouse is perfect for traveling use. This silent mouse has 3 levels of CPI (800-1200-1600) that are allowed to match sensitivity to your work to be easy. This wireless silent mouse has 10 meters of range and its powered by 2 of AAA size batteries, Mouse well compatible with Windows7/8/10 XP, Vista7/8 and Linux. We can say this is the Best Silent Mouse for traveling.

  • Slim Design best for travelling
  • Not requiring much maintenance
  • Takes a while to leave the sleep mode

5. Emopeak E2Pro Silent Wireless Mice

Emopeak E2Pro is not like a most traditional mouse. It is a silent and wireless mouse suit for more surfaces, this mouse also has 3 DPI levels and 6 buttons that are gives gaming feeling for the users sometimes. Ergonomic design wireless mouse and larger soft rubber finger rest help to comport use. 5 million times keystroke lifespan ensures long-term use. Quiet clicks keep you stay focused while working.

Why We Use Silent Mouse

just image you are working at the office with hundreds of co-workers, just imagine there is no sound, now you have to use your computer. you want to open an application on the desktop what you do now, just bring the mouse pointer on to that application and double click it. did you hear little tik-tik sound now, OK now you use more and more your mouse that tik sound comes over and over?

I hope that’s not a disturbance for you, but think when you work very seriously thinking about something maybe you are planning a new project, you need a very quiet environment, but your best buddy at the office. using his mouse tik tik tik, now that sound isn’t disturbance for you? yes, I think now you got the idea why we use a silent mouse. actually, we can’t escape all the ambient sound from our office room, but at least we can reduce mouse click sound and scrolling sound by using a silent mouse.

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