Best Silent Mouse

Best Silent Mouse…?  Do you guys know what the silent mouse is?  Simply there is no click sound comes from silent mouse, while left and right buttons pressing normal mouse not quite we can hear  Sound like “tik”. But if you use a silent mouse you don’t hear that “tik” sound.

OK, now you know what is silent mice so then let’s talk about what is the Best silent mouse we can buy.   But, we can’t say this is the best one or this one is best. because silent mouse also comes with several types’ wireless, gaming and slim design. So we can’t say exactly this is the Best silent mouse so we decide to list 10 Silent mice including those categories. But the common benefit is quite clicking. That makes us free, worry about bothering others and keep us stay focused while working. Ok then let’s see what are the top 10 Best Silent Mouse, we found for you. 

How, silent mouse works

Have you heard of a saying, “Quiet as a mouse”? but it is not always accurate when it comes to the regular mouse that is in your hand right now in order to fulfill your day to day computer operations. Although you may not aware or think, using a mouse can be bothering your neighborhood sometimes.

In fact, the clicking sound of a mouse can be disturbing to those working around you and maybe the same to you. Also, it can be noisy when many are being used at the same time. Imagine working thousands of mice in a workplace at the same time, it will be like a factory, right? To help you in this situation there comes a quiet mouse.

Top-Rated Silent Mouse Comparison Table

Wireless Gaming
thumb 1
VEGCOO C8 Silent Click
Weight: 3.5 oz
Buttons: 6
Silent from Logitech
thumb 2
Logitech M330 Silent Plus
Weight: 3.2 oz
Buttons: 3
Programmable Gaming Mouse
thumb 3
VicTsing USAA2-CA32
Weight: 4 oz
Buttons: 7
Slim Wireless
thumb 4
Weight: 2.5 oz
Buttons: 4
For Normal Use
thumb 5
Emopeak E2Pro
Weight: 4 oz
thumb 6
Weight: 4 oz
Buttons: 6

1. VEGCOO C8 Silent Click – Wireless Rechargeable Best Silent Mouse

This one is a Silent gaming mouse, really eye-catching design with cool breathing color creating an ideal atmosphere for playing games. This is a silent mouse so it’s allowing you to work or play games without bothering others around you. This mouse has 7 buttons but only the Left and Right Buttons are quiet clicks, ok now you think is that really silent mouse..? Yes, it is still a silent click mouse; it has 3 levels of adjustable DPI (1200-1600-2400DPI).

These silent gaming mice powered by 400mAh built-in-rechargeable battery, we can promise a long battery life and mouse is user and environmental friendly. Finally, I have to say this is a really cool noiseless gaming mouse. I hope you guys love to use this, ah I forgot to tell you, please make sure the mouse is turned on when you are changing it and also you can use it while it charging.

The main features of VEGCOO C8 are:

  • Curve design with comfortable materials
  • Built-in larger 400mAh Lithium battery
  • Illuminated colorful LEDs
  • Provide reliable wireless connection

2. Logitech M330 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

Logitech, I know some of you guys love that brand because they have a bunch of quality products own.  This is a Logitech M330 silent mouse. It offers a quiet experience of you and those around you. With auto sleep function this mouse can keep the battery life nearly 24 months long. This is a wireless mouse so it has a powerful 10-meter wireless range between mouse and receiver.  The added security of  128-bit encryption.  After using long hours even you feel comfort because its shape is contoured for your right hands. Almost any surface you will feel smooth moves and precise cursor control thanks to advanced optical tracking.

This is a plug and play mouse support with Windows 10 or later Windows RT Windows 8 Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.5 OS Linux Kernel 2.6 + 2USB port.

The main features of Logitech M330 are:

  • 90% reduced click sound
  • 2-year battery life and auto-sleep
  • Grips made with soft rubber for total comfort
  • Plug and Play easy to use
  • Comfortable, hand sculpted shape
  • Sturdy design
  • Eliminates 90% of the noise
  • The only documentation for how buttons work is online
  • Dose not have DPI button

3. VicTsing USAA2-CA32 Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is mouse perfect for entry level casual gamers, not a High-end gaming mouse, Very comfortable for small hands. It has a great fit and finished and also easy to clean. This is a wireless gaming mouse so it comes with a cool backlight feature. If you remove the receiver from the pc and then click any button of the mouse, it’s going to sleep mode to save the battery life.

The mouse gets live with 1 AA size battery. Because of a gaming mouse, this mouse has 800-1200-1600-2000-2400DPI range and 7 buttons including scroll wheel. Finally, we can say this is an excellent long term investment for the gaming silent mouse also this one be the best silent mouse of gaming use on our list.

The main features of USAA2-CA32 are:

  • 5 adjustable DPI values
  • Stable connection with advanced 2.4ghz wireless
  • Multi-stage power-saving mode
  • Work perfectly with many OSs
  • Each buttons have lifespan of 5 million clicks
  • Featuring an optical tracking technology
  • Dose not include configuration software

4. VicTsing USAE4-VTGEPC071AB Slim Wireless Mouse

Quiet clicks will free your worry about bothering others beside you. Precise movement, smoother tracking and Quick response by the optical laser. For your hands comport mouse streamline design with sweat-resistance and anti-fingerprints, the anti-slip scroll wheel ensures not slip while scrolling.

This mouse is twice thinner than an ordinary mouse so because of this slim design this mouse is perfect for traveling use. This silent mouse has 3 levels of CPI (800-1200-1600) that are allowed to match sensitivity to your work to be easy. This wireless silent mouse has 10 meters of range and its powered by 2 of AAA size batteries, Mouse well compatible with Windows7/8/10 XP, Vista7/8 and Linux. We can say this is the Best Silent Mouse for traveling.

The main features of USAE4-VTGEPC071AB are:

  • 90% of noises reduced silent buttons
  • Easy Plug and Play no need to install any drivers
  • fashionable slim ergonomic design
  • Slim design best for travelling
  • Not requiring much maintenance
  • Takes a while to leave the sleep mode

5. Emopeak E2Pro Silent Wireless Mice

Emopeak E2Pro is not like a most traditional mouse. It is a silent and wireless mouse suit for more surfaces, this mouse also has 3 DPI levels and 6 buttons that are gives gaming feeling for the users sometimes.

Ergonomic design wireless mouse and larger soft rubber finger rest help to comport use. 5 million times keystroke lifespan ensures long-term use. Quiet clicks keep you stay focused while working.

The main features of Emopeak E2Pro are:

  • 3 Adjustable DPI Values
  • Durable & very comfortable Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable, fits nicely hand
  • It is very light
  • Good build quality
  • Thumb buttons may be not quiet

6. UHURU Wireless Mouse – Silent & Slim Design

UHURU Wireless Mouse

The highest compatible Uhuru wireless silent mouse has its unique sleek design and rechargeable battery to stands out from other mice. The device can be used while on charge or without charging cable at your convenience. The 4-button mouse with 3 level DPI (800/1200/1600) works with almost all operating systems.

UHURU is ultra-quite since its both wheel and the buttons have been muted. Can be a silent killer. Materials seem to be mostly plastic finish so it will be easy carrying when travelling due to its lightweight and slim design. This may be your choice for Best Silent mouse

The main features of UHURU are:

  • Rechargeable 2.4 GHz wireless mouse
  • Compatible with more than 99% of Bluetooth devices
  • Built-in long-lasting 450mAh Lithium rechargeable battery can live up to 500 hours after a full single charge.
  • The sturdy anti-slip rubber scroll wheel
  • Most love the matte top finish with its rubbery feel to the hand
  • This mouse can use with or without charging cable attached
  • This mouse supported with most operating systems
  • Dedicated button for change the dpi level
  • Both 2 buttons and mouse wheel are muted
  • Not good for games
  • When in the wireless mode it has some lag time and connectivity issue

7. Povee Silent Clickless – Wireless Gaming Mouse

Povee Silent ClicklessThis is also a wireless mouse with quite clicks. If you like to play with silent clicks this will be your gaming silent mouse. The mouse design including thumb nest to hold the mouse compatible. This mouse also comes with 4 buttons and 3 different DPI levels (100,1200,1600)

Povee silent mice powered by single AA battery, but this could be little disadvantage of this mouse because we have to replay battery more frequently. Anyway sleep mode helps to maintain the battery life for more hours. 

The main features of Povee are:

  • Ergonomic design, comfortable skin touch feel material
  • Auto power off (APO) – save power
  • Within 8M-15M work distance-2.4G frequency technology, Unique focusing capability can boost the adaptableness of optical sensors.
  • Just plug and play no need to install drivers, simple to use. Support with Windows8/7, Vista, XP2008 or latest, Mac OS X (over 10.2).
  • Mouse has 4 buttons to get more control
  • For best performance this mouse has 3 level DPI
  • Thumb nest to hold tide and fell comfort
  • The minimum DPI settings may be too fast
  • This is not for left handed person
  • Battery life is not good

8. VEGCOO C10 – Wireless Gaming Mouse

Vefcoo c10

Vegcoo is a cool mouse specially for Gamers. Colorful LED lights in the mouse makes you more exciting with the sound from your gaming, such a perfect duo. At the same time, the design of soundless creates a quite atmosphere, therefore, people around you also can enjoy their leisure or working time.

Built-in rechargeable battery gives you a hassle-free experience where you don’t have to bother about changing batteries or your work being stopped when you are in the middle of something. Package contains: Wireless Mouse, Charging cable, USB receiver and an English manual.

The main features of VEGCOO C10 are:

  • Colorful LED lights that won’t make you bored at work
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 7 Buttons (Left button, Right button, DPI button, Scroll button, Page forward and Backward, On/Off button)
  • DPI: 800/1600/2400
  • Battery comes in 600mAh Lithium battery
  • Attractiveness and unique design
  • 7 Color schemes to get rid of monotonic work
  • Easy ergonomic design
  • 2.4 Ghz wireless mouse, 10m distance
  • Nano receiver
  • Rechargeable, environmentally friendly with no battery replacement needed
  • Can use even when USB recharging is happening
  • Auto sleep to save battery lifespan
  • Might somewhat weird looking for an office use
  • Will have to pay bit higher

9. FOME I720 Ergonomic – Thumb Nest Mouse

fome 1720Fome 1720 is an Ergonomic wireless silent mouse comes in 3-level DPI adjusting (1000/1600/2400) and 6 button functionalities with a Thumb nest to make your wrist more comfortable. The mouse enabled in silent switching to make it 90% quieter and 2 AAA batteries should be installed. Auto-sleep empowered to save more battery and the device is good to go with all operating systems.

Another fact you will find interesting about this product is it’s easy to clean and control.

The main features of FOME are:

  • 2.4 Ghz adavaced wireless technology within 360 degrees helps working distance up to 30m with little or less delay
  • Power-saving: designed up to 20 months of battery life
  • The LED battery indicator to warn you if the battery is running low
  • Comfortability and smooth to your wrist
  • High compatibility, can be used with almost all OS
  • New generation of low-power technology
  • Elegant look
  • Five times power saving compared to an ordinary wireless computer mouse
  • Service lifespan up to 3 million times
  • Lightweight
  • Two batteries
  • Higher DPI does not work well for work outside gaming
  • Designed aiming right handers

10. Logitech M585 – Multi-Device Mouse

Logitech M585Hush… Logitech M585 Multi-device mouse is at its finest when managing many tasks at one time. Talking about a game changer. M585 has the almost miracle capacity to navigate seamlessly on two screens and copy-paste from one to another. This mouse just keeps going a single AA battery for 24 months, power-saving auto sleep mode saves power big time. Every feature is designed to enhance productivity.

Controls up to 2 computers with one Flow-enabled mouse is very amazing right? Automatically switching between screens by reaching your cursor to the edge of the screen. Your mouse flows smoothly with you-even among Windows and Mac.

Transfer texts, images and files between computers effortlessly. Ultra-precise scrolling enables you to scroll through long web pages faster and easier.

The main features of M585 are:

  • Cross-computer controlling and file sharing
  • Multiple Computers but One mouse and keyboard
  • Two thumb button – to go back and forward on the web, also you can customize them to perform different shortcut
  • The comfortable curved design gives your palm a sponge squeezing comfort
  • Five programmable buttons
  • Easy, fast and secured
  • Ultra-precise scroll
  • Huge saving with two-year battery life
  • Easy-switching and dual connectivity
  • Dual connectivity (Bluethooth or 2.4 GHz unifying receiver)
  • Mouse might go to sleep away quickly
  • Price is bit higher than average

Why We Use Silent Mouse

I know the question might be little weird, but lets just discover the actual importance of using a Silent mouse which will help you to take the correct decision. There are various reasons to go for a silent mouse.

For some people the continuous clicking or taping sound of a mouse can disturb your concentration, but to tell you the truth there are some people who enjoys the sound as well. Also, it might disturb the others working around you, you don’t want to know their personal preference whether they like the clicking sound or not, its better to use a silent mouse.

A silent mouse is beneficial when working late at night or in a calm and quite environment, without sacrificing your comfort or others comfort. Also, if you are an audio professional who needs to produce excellent music stuff, you absolutely need a silent environment. If you are a computer user who understands the benefits of restraining distractions when you work or you might be a competitive gamer.

“Listen to silence it has so much to say” Best creations come through silence, that’s where your silent mouse helps you to excel in whatever the field you are into right at the moment.

Some features need to be considered in a silent mouse?

Here are some of the features to consider before buying mouse: wired or wireless mice, thin, ergonomic, scroll wheel or trackball mouse, touch or silent click buttons, power-saving mode, plug and play, operation range, compatibility, source of power, DPI (for example, the higher the DPI rating, the lesser you have to move the mouse to take the cursor to the point you expect it to be) and many other features.

The silent mouse provides above 90% noise reduction on the click sound. In addition, they have high performing feet that slide across the desktop and a mild scroll wheel for rushed browsing, page by page.

With so many facts to consider, finding the best silent mouse according to your requirements maybe not an easy task.

To help you with picking the best silent mouse we have a lineup of mice below.

How to make your normal mouse way quieter

yes that is possible with some kind of hight quality mouse, you just have to make a simple modification. but remember, if you have not good technical knowledge how is the mouse works don’t try this. and also this modification can’t make your mouse 100% silent.

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