Best Toothbrush Sanitizer

Best toothbrush sanitizer. Did you know what are we going to review today? Ok, some of you already know what this is, but I know maybe you don’t know what this Toothbrush Sanitizer is and why we should really use it. So don’t worry let’s talk about it and I will guide you to select best toothbrush sanitizer for your need.

Why we need Toothbrush Sanitizer?

Just remember your toothbrush looks, is it looks clean? Yes, it’s clean like a brand new maybe you just only use it once or twice yet. But maybe some of you will be noticed when you take your brush near you, an unpleasant odor coming from your toothbrush, but it seems very clean.

From that moment you must realize you are not safe, that brand new looks toothbrush not clean as you thought. What will be the reason for that unpleasant smell?  The answer is Bacteria, fungi or viruses we can’t see them with our naked eye but they are growing on Your Toothbrush.

Scientific research has found out that toothbrush can carry fungi viruses and bacteria after you use it and also harmful enzymes are transformed on the brush from your mouth. Humidity and heat will help to grow bacteria so after you use it the bacteria on the Toothbrush from your mouth will grow until you use the brush again. So next time you will use a dirty toothbrush.

Because of that, you may have to see the dentist although you brush your teeth very well every day. For an escape from this issue, we have to replace our Tooth Brush with a new one every three months and clean the brush very well. But that cleaning part is not easy we can clean the brush as we see clean but bacteria microbes we can’t see them so, in this case, we use UV sanitizers to clean our Toothbrush.

Are you looking for best toothbrush sanitizer for your kids, Violife Zapi Luxe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Ninja

How to work Toothbrush Sanitizers?

It’s very simple; I’m not going to explain it very deeply. Most of the toothbrush sanitizers use Ultraviolet lamp to destroy that microbes like bacteria and fungi.

As we all know UV can destroy the growth of bacteria. So if we can open our toothbrush to the ultraviolet lamp for the 5 to 6 minutes, it will effect to stop growth bacteria and with the time a totally destroy them all. So every toothbrush sanitizer’s core is an Ultraviolet lamp.

After we used our toothbrush and put it into sanitizer, that UV lamp will automatically power on and stay 5 to 6 minutes. And then automatically power off. After that start the cleaning (destroying) of bacteria from the toothbrush. So for the next time. you will get nearly 99% bacterial removed clean toothbrush.

5 Best Choices from Toothbrush Sanitizers on the Market

Ok, it’s heard, I can’t point only one toothbrush sanitizer and say this is the Best Toothbrush Sanitizer. Actually nowadays on the market, all you can see really good products from various famous Brands. And also infamous brands. So I’m going to select five good products focusing on your need.

As an example, if you are always traveling for business or fun you may need easy to handle suitable for carrying easy, coming with safety case toothbrush sanitizer, maybe you are looking for one sanitizer for all the members of your family. So likewise you may have different choices. So I’m gonna talk about 5 Best Toothbrush Sanitizers suitable for all of us as we needed.

1. Pursonic Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer – The minimalistic design and Affordable

Are you a traveler, can’t stay home every day? Have to bring all the everyday stuff with you always. And you have to be more careful with your teeth. Then this is the best toothbrush sanitizer for you. And also this one is not so expensive and simple. There are no more extra gadgets. So are you looking for that kind of one? This is The Best Toothbrush Sanitizer you are looking for.

The Pursonic S1 Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer has a minimalistic design and it’s suitable for who likes simple and easy to pack on anywhere like in your traveling bag, handbag or even in your pocket.

This little toothbrush Sanitizer powered by two AA replaceable batteries, and its UV cleaning process will automatically turn on when you close the case. And automatically turn off when you open the case. The ultraviolet turn on for nearly 5- 6 minutes to disinfection, when you close the case. The main advantages are minimalistic dressing and an affordable price.

2. Travel Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitation Case – Both kids and adults from Aima Beauty

This is another toothbrush sanitizer perfect for travelers, but this one is a little bit expensive and it’s also a rechargeable sonic toothbrush. Both Kids and adults are suitable for use and come with UV Sanitizer Travel Case. This one not smaller size like Pursonic S1 but don’t worry you can baring it easily in your handbag or luggage without losing big space.

This sonic toothbrush has 40000 strokes per minute, 4 modes to operation, smart vibration trimers, waterproof and ultra-fast wireless charging. Also comes with Traveling case with UV Sanitizer.

3. Philips Sonicare FlexCare Whitening Edition – The Best Toothbrush Sanitizer

Yeah, this is from famous brand Philips, and also an expensive one but it’s really good Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizer on the market nowadays. if you want fast cleaning in little time like 2 minutes and you don’t think about price seriously, Philips Sonicare FlexCare Whitening Edition will be the best Toothbrush with Ultraviolet Sanitizer for you.

This Brush with up to 62000 movements per minute and 3 brushing modes: Clean, White and massage. This must be you should know, this is a 1st recommended power toothbrush brand by Dental Professionals. So is this your Best toothbrush Sanitizer?

4. UV Toothbrush Holder – Wall Mount Family Toothbrush Sanitizers

This is fit to your family, and also this kind of toothbrush sanitizes will save your bathroom space, this kind of sanitizers comes like the wall-mount design. So my choice is “SARMOCARE Toothbrush Sanitizer

Sarmocare toothbrush holder is a good choice for a little family. It can keep 5 brushes. Even the electric brushes too. And this holder has a built-in fan for dry your brushes in 2 minutes and then starts the ultraviolet cleaning. The specialty is you can put your razors also inside of this wall-mountable UV Sanitizer Holder. So finally I can say if you are looking for good quality family toothbrush sanitizer this will be THE BEST TOOTHBRUSH SANITIZER for you.

5. Toothbrush Sanitizer for the kids

Kids not like adults the need special care sometimes. When it is about teeth we have to more careful. Because, the kids’ teeth very often getting attack by bacteria, fungus, and viruses. so Dentists recommended special brushes and past for the kids, and also it’s good to have toothbrush sanitizer too.

actually, we can use adults Toothbrush sanitizers also for the kid’s toothbrushes but in the market, we can find toothbrush sanitizers especially designed for kids. With an attractive cartoon character shaped or animal-shaped. But my choice is “Ninja”

Violife Zapi Luxe UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Ninja” this is a specially designed for kids, its looks like a ninja. Powered by 3 AA batteries and UV bulb last up to 8000 hours. This will be The Best Toothbrush Sanitizer for the Kids.

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