Buying a Good Laptop Bag

Buying a good laptop bag is not as easy as you are thinking.  It is about protection about your laptop and also it makes up your look and personality.  Do you agree with me? Let’s talk about it further.

A laptop bag mainly uses for the protection of the laptop. Then before buying a bag, we so much care about its feature what they provide for the protection of laptop.  But after a couple of weeks or maybe days, you may have to face real practical problems when it is using. After that, we have to conclude that, we didn’t select the right laptop bag before.  So, how we select a laptop bag correctly?

Types of Laptop Bags

In my opinion, first, we must select the type of laptop bag.  It may depend on your profession, style or personal like. However, there are two types of laptop bags we can see mainly. The number one is the briefcase model and the two is the backpack model.

The Briefcase Model

The briefcase model usually has a handle and a shoulder strap. You can use them as you prefer. This model is most used by people who are going to work, such as accountants, office workers, teachers, etc. One advantage of this model is not bulky. After packing your laptop into the bag, you can see well out looking.

The Backpack Model

The backpack model is the most popular. It’s look is stylish and attractive. The young people such as teenagers, university students are mostly using nowadays. If you want to both hands are free, this is the best model for you. Furthermore, if you are a traveler with your laptop, this will be your best traveling companion.

Now let’s talk about common facts about laptop bags.

Storage of the Bag

Storage of the BagWhen we talk about the storage of the laptop bags, basically we can divide it into the three parts. There are,

Overnighter – these are also good for short trips or overnight trips. They can bring several clothes, books, and more necessary pieces of equipment with your laptop and its accessories easily.

Medium storage – these are made for carrying a small number of other accessories such as a jacket, some notebooks, etc. except the laptops and its gears.

Gear only – these are specially made for laptop and its gears (headphones, supplies, mouse, portable chargers, etc.) only.

As I mentioned before, our main expectation from the laptop bag is the protection of the laptop and its gears. Then you should care about it when packing your bag. You must guarantee to not overload the bag. If it is not, the laptop can be damaged.

Matein Laptop Backpack – Laptop Bag With More Storage 

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Size of the Bag

When you are buying a laptop bag, you must consider its size. The bags are made for different sizes of laptops. Sometimes, if you use a sleeve for your laptop, there is a chance to not fit some bags for your laptop. And also, some bags have separated pockets to pack your gears separately safety and easily. It is an extra advantage when you buying a laptop bag.

Weight and Material

When we are talking about the laptop bags, we have to consider the weight and the material of it simultaneously. All laptop bags are made with waterproof material such as leather, suede, nylon with Nappa leathers, vinyl, and microfiber.

But some materials are heavier than others. As we all know, the laptop and its gears are pretty heavy to hold a long time. Then the bag will be the extra weight for you. So, I think, the weight of the bag is an important fact must be considered before buying. Nowadays, most laptop bags are made of ballistic nylon, leather, canvas or polyester. They are lightweight and durable.

Finishing of the Bag

Before you are buying a laptop bag, check its stitch. It should be strong and straight. The grab handle must be solid. And also, check shoulder straps whether they connect to the bag body strongly.


As I mentioned earlier, the laptop bag made up your look and personality.  Then always select a bag that is increasing your look. The briefcase model gives you a professional outlook. It’s smart and decent. 

But also it brings you a bit older (Because they are most used by adults and). The backpack model is always simple and easy. It brings you young and freedom. Sometimes, it is bulky but not ugly. And also if you are love fashion, you have more choices from the backpack model.

If you are a woman and love fashion, I would like to recommend “Canvaslife Grey Rose” laptop bag. ( Check On Amazon )


Maybe you think that now, why I didn’t talk about the brands of the bags.  As I say always, good brands always provide a good product.  It is a universal truth. (wink ;)) Sometimes they provide eco-friendly items. But they may be expensive.  But its quality is high.


Ok. Now I am going to wind up my article. I think this will be a great aid to you for buying a laptop bag. Then finally, I will summarize my article for your ease.

When you are buying a laptop bag, first choose your favorite model. Second, consider its size, weight, material, and finishing. Third, adapt it your lifestyle. Furthermore, the brand name will add you an extra shining.

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