Remington F5-5800 Electric ShaverThe Remington F5-5800 is built and designed with an advanced technology foil which is used to make shaving and trimming of long hair more easier to do.

It is one of the best seller electronic shavers which comes with a low cost and high quality.

Without wasting time, let’s see how the Remington F5-5800 performs with its unique features and functions in our honest review and if it will suit your shaving and trimming needs.

The F5-5800 comes with a pivot & flex foil technology which makes it possible for the shaver head to adjust and maintain close contact around the chin, jawline, and neck.

The shaver comes with an intercept shaving technology which suits between the foils to enable it pre trims longer hairs for a closet range shave. These foils are adjustable and moveable which enables you to enjoy a flexible and convenient shaving experience which can be operated either cordless or corded.

Around the trimmer, there is a pop up which is detailed and perfect for trimming your beard and sideburns.

Other unique features are the 5-minutes quick charge which gives power for one shave and also, the ability for the shaver to be washable under a faucet.

So, therefore, the F5-5800 is a good quality electronic shaver which comes with a low cost.

Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver Summry
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Battery Life
  • Value for Money


Pros: Easy maintenance, washable, pre trims longer hair, smooth, stay close to the skin and comfortable, good rechargeable battery, perfectly trims facial hair and sideburns, five minutes quick charge which provides for one shave, very affordable price.

Cons: Foils are expensive to replace, noisy after a few months of purchase, the foil does not last long.

Build Quality and Design

When holding the F5-5800 for the first time, you will find out that it is nicely weighted which measures at 9.1 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 3.4 inches thick. The curved shape of the handlebar makes it bulky in appearance. It has a weight of about 1 lb whose housing is mostly made up of plastic which gives it a tough feel.

F5-5800 can withstand water splashes but note that it does not like the Braun 3040s which are used for wet shaving.

Black and silver colors of Remington F5-5800 looks really stylish. At the top of the shaving head, you will find the brand name written boldly.

The ergonomically designed handle makes it easier and comfortable to hold. The power button battery indicator is located at the front side with this, you can easily access the power button using your thumb.

Price: $24.49
Remington F2-3800L
Blades: 2
Battery Life: 30mins
Price: $32.37
Remington PF7500 F5
Blades: 2
Battery Life: 60mins
Price: $48.95
Remington PR1240 R4
Blades: 3
Battery Life: 45mins

Shaving and Trimming Performance

Now let’s get to the most important part of Remington F5-5800 review and see how well it does in both shaving and trimming.

After a few weeks of use, the F5-5800 seems to do well in dry shaving. The foil yields great results when used frequently.

The closeness was adequate for the most part and the comfort excellent. It uses the intercept tool for pre trimming longer hairs and uses two flexible foils for close shaving.

Overall, I recommend you buy the F5-5800 if you shave daily and also if you are a long hair shaver, I strongly recommend this shaver in order for you to get a better experience.

From the negative side

In my little experience, the razors can literally pull whiskers out of your face but this only happens if you have a very thick and dense facial hair.

I have heard a series of complain about the razors being defective that is why I have recommended applying a drop of fine machine oil on it.

To be honest with you, all other shavers pretty works in the same way.

Battery Life and Charging

Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver Battery

Remington F5-5800 offers a longer battery life expectancy for those who a long time to shave their facial hair. For each two hours charge made allows the shaver to last for 60 minutes giving you the advantage of not charging frequently.

F5-5800 operates cordlessly by depending on the built-in battery which makes it be flexible and versatile in terms of powering. But that doesn’t mean that it only operates cordlessly because you can also use the shaver with a cord for continuous operation. This cord operation is specifically designed for an immediate shave. The charger can be used anywhere across the world.

Maintenance and Wash

Remington F5-5800 has a wet water feature which makes it easy to clean under the faucet. But be aware that it is not fully waterproof. Use the cleaning brush only if you use the shaver for dry shaving. For thorough cleaning, remove the shaving head and put it under the faucet. Ensure that it is totally dry before you fix it back on the shaver.

The F5-5800 is not suitable for wet shaving because it is not recommended to be used with a shaving gel or cream. It is meant to be cleaned manually because it lacks an automatic cleaning station which makes it budget-friendly.

Conclusion – Who is it made for and who to buy the F5-5800?

Are you on a low budget? If yes, the Remington F5-5800 shaver is then definitely for you because it is budget-friendly and of high quality. The razors are solid and sharp which offers good value for money.  

If we should consider all Remington’s reputation for producing reliable products, the affordable and durable replacement foil, and the reasonable purchase price, the F5-5800 is for sure a pretty awesome deal.

Those who need a little bit of premium razors features but also doesn’t have the money to pay it should consider going for F5-5800.

Novice in the be of shaving should also watch out for the Remington F5-5800 for their very first shaver. It comes with a great price, quality basic razor, easy to use and clean using the wet water system.

Men with sensitive skin will definitely love F5-5800 because it is smooth and comfortable.

Lastly, it charges fast, so if you don’t have the time to wait to charge before shaving, I strongly recommend you to buy this shaver.

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