Robot Vacuum CleanersVacuum cleaning is one of the most exhausting chores of the household as it has to be dragged and pushed around the house to clean. The noisy and heavy to use vacuum is torture itself.

But to make your life easier, robot vacuum cleaners have been introduced. You don’t have to connect the vacuum with cords or hoses as it needs just a little effort to power on and you can also use a smartphone app to use the robot vacuum cleaner.

It disposes of the food crumbs, dust, hair, and other detritus from the house which makes them a perfect choice for daily cleaning. It is considered as a handy tool to make a house look tidy even when you are not around; it goes about its business. So, here are the best robot vacuum cleaners to help you relax and suck up the dust for you.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners 2023 Comparison Table

Weight: 4.8 Kg
Capacity: 0.45 litres
Battery Life: 140mins
Weight: 4.6 kg
Capacity: 0.3 litres
Battery Life: 120mins
Weight: 2.6 Kg
Capacity: 0.6 litres
Battery Life: 100mins
Weight: 3.95 Kg
Capacity: 0.3 litres
Battery Life: 120mins
Weight: 3.17 Kg
Capacity: 0.6 litres
Battery Life: 150mins

Robot vacuum cleaners reduce the amount of time you spent cleaning the house and they also clean hard floors and carpets too. We have mentioned the robot vacuums in this guide to let you experience the best cleaning service ever.

1. ILIFE A4S Robot Vacuum Cleaner – High-Performance Cleaner

ILIFE A4s PriceIf you are looking for a high-performing cleaner that requires little effort and reduced frequency wanted for daily cleaning; ILIFE A4s Robot vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice. The A4s is manufactured with soft tangle-free brushes that clean thin carpets easily without fading or destroying them to provide a thorough cleansing. The product is easy to use and maintain as the main brush needs to be cleaned just once in a week. The battery installed inside the A4s works for about 140 minutes straightly.


  • The fan installed inside it works like a cyclone to ensure effective cleaning horizontally or vertically.
  • It is installed with LDS navigation system so that an optimal route is chosen for efficient and completely clean.
  • The brushes are self-adjusting so that they move up or down to make sure there isn’t any dust left.
  • The battery runs up to 140 minutes continuously in one charge.
  • It can climb to stairs up to 2 cm.
  • Quite cleaning
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick cleaning
  • May get stuck in small spaces
  • May overlook darker furniture
  • Not suitable for heavy carpets
  • Doesn’t come with a navigation function
  • Works in random patterns

2. ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S – Works With Alexa

Ecovacs Deebot N79S PriceThe Ecovacs deebot n79s comes with 3 brushes; two sides brush and one main brush and it sweeps the floor in auto mode, cleans small areas in spot mode, and vacuums the edge of the floor in edge mode. The product works on voice or app control which has advanced functions including control, scheduling, updating status, cleaning modes, accessorizing status, etc. It has the ability to increase the suction power up to two times for heavy mess with 120 minutes of running time however, it charges itself so that it is always available for cleaning.


  • Double suction power helps in cleaning deeper on floors as well as on carpets.
  • You can easily navigate the cleaner with Amazon Alexa, remote control, Google Assistant and even your smartphone.
  • Due to its low profile design, it cleans under the furniture and the areas that cannot be reached easily.
  • Goes easily around the rug, hardwood, tile, and carpet.
  • Comes with a remote control which is fun yet practical to use
  • Small and light in weight
  • High performance
  • Catches tiny particles
  • Can be managed online or by phone
  • Not great for mats
  • Gets jammed under the doors or gets stuck

3. EUFY BOOSTIQ ROBOVAC 11S – The Slimmest

Eufy RoboVac 11s PriceThe BoostIQ is named as the best Robot Vacuum Cleaner of 2018 by digital trends. The product is re-engineered to be the slimmest which works quietly for up to 100 minutes of constant suction. If an area of your house needs vacuuming strength then this is the perfect choice as it increases its suction power in just 1.5 seconds.


  • The top cover is protected by anti-scratch glass.
  • It has large wheels so that it can roll over the carpet and door ledges easily.
  • It has a drop-sensing technology that prevents it to move further in the presence of stairs.
  • It has an auto-charging feature that keeps it charged for longer hours to use.
  • It has a triple filter layer system to clean a house effectively.
  • Comes with a scheduling time feature so that it works on its own and you can do anything else. It can work up to 100 minutes from a single charge.
  • It contains a large dust box that held a lot of dirt per clean to reduce the frequency and efforts of emptying it.
  • Easy to use and follow the instructions
  • Has a beeper under it (in case it stops the beeper alerts once or more times to indicate towards the reason)
  • Color on top shows its accessibility mode (blue for working, orange for needs charging, red for fixing a problem)
  • Works quietly
  • Good for carpets
  • Charges itself after the low battery
  • Gets stuck in dark color furniture
  • Gets stuck in carpet tassels
  • May get tangled with cables and wires

4. IROBOT ROOMBA 980 – Visual Localization

iRobot Roomba 980 PriceThe iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is easy to navigate so that it cleans every corner of your house. It can work up to 120 minutes and then recharges automatically only to work again after getting recharged. iRobot home app lets you create a schedule and set custom preferences for cleaning even from your smartphones. It has an aero force cleaning system that lets it use up to 10x strength to use the rugs and floors.


  • It works efficiently on all floor surfaces and types because of its multi-surface brushes.
  • The aero force cleaning system has three stages: one for untangling the items covered in the brushes, second for pulling in debris, hair, or other tiny material with its power-lifting suction, and third for works up to 10x effectively on carpets where dust hides.
  • It has dirt detect sensors that are so advanced in recognizing the concentrated areas of dirt in your house to provide additional cleaning.
  • Predictable and efficient cleaning patterns
  • Wifi connectivity/remote control
  • Durable battery
  • Light in weight lighthouses
  • HEPA filtrated
  • Quite expensive
  • May not exceed cleaning performance
  • May get less amount of dirt

5. ROBOROCK S5 ROBOTIC – 3D Cleaning System

Roborock S5 Robotic PriceRoborock moves and cleans around your house as it comes with 2000Pa suction which is required the most. It is supplemented with a botanical biomimetic mopping system which helps in cleaning your house thoroughly. You can press the buttons like clean, schedule, and monitor it with the app easily.


  • The fan installed inside it works like a cyclone to ensure effective cleaning horizontally or vertically.
  • It is installed with LDS navigation system so that an optimal route is chosen for efficient and completely clean.
  • The brushes are self-adjusting so that they move up or down to make sure there isn’t any dust left.
  • The battery runs up to 150 minutes continuously in one charge.
  • It can climb to stairs up to 2 cm.
  • Auto-charging mode
  • Anti-collision sensors to detect obstacles
  • Tangle-free brushes
  • House-mapping
  • Transitional mobility
  • High suction power
  • Random brush clogs
  • Zoned cleaning map could not be memorized

Things to Consider When Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum cleaner helps the most in case you run a busy household or if you have a lot of pet dander. There are various robot cleaners available in the market in different shapes, specifications, features, and prices and if you are wondering what things should be considered when buying a robot vacuum cleaner; for your solution, we have listed down the tips to consider when buying the one for your needs and they are:

  • First of all, take a look around your house and choose the robot vacuum cleaner for your house according to your needs such as if you have any pets or if you have carpet or wooden floors in your house.
  • Considering your budget should be your primary concern because the more advanced features are the more cost will be. However, choose the affordable one which fulfills your needs in a specific budget.
  • Decide if you want an app with that because mostly robot vacuum cleaners come with apps to control or schedule them. Also, some models of the cleaners map out the area before cleaning.
  • The foremost factor you should take into notice is whether it cleans effectively or not. Choose the product which works the best on the carpet as well as floors (if you have both at your house).
  • The battery life of the cleaner must be considered too because the bigger the battery life, the better the cleaning job will be.
  • For maintenance, keep the filter emptied daily, clean the brushes at least once a month, and update the software when needed.


Despite differences in ranges, shapes, and functions; you will get impressed with iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner because of its methodical cleaning method which means tackling everything from fluff to dust and cleaning up effectively.

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